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Loft Story (Canadian TV series)

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First episode date  2001
Genre  Reality television
8.2/10 IMDb

Program creator  Endemol
Loft Story (Canadian TV series) httpsiytimgcomvi59U7mkK7khqdefaultjpg
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Loft story canadian tv series top 6 facts

Loft Story was a Quebec television series broadcast on the TQS television network, and was an adaptation of the show Loft Story in France, which itself was an adaptation of the Big Brother franchise. TQS became V and replaced Loft Story with a new Big Brother series for Quebec in 2010.


During the first season (2003), the show had TVA's Occupation Double as its main competitor, and was a success in terms of viewership, but was not as financially successful as the French version. Therefore, the program was discontinued the following season, but was resurrected three years later in January 2006. In response to criticism of year 1, year 2 toned down the sexual content and replaced it with daily games and truth/dare events. The loft was also changed to include a "stunt room" the size of a basketball court, which serves for games and entertainment. A third season started in September 2006, a fourth on September 26, 2007, a fifth in Fall 2008 and an All-Star season subtitled La Revanche in Spring 2009.

Concept and rules

Unlike many other versions, the housemates are able to discuss openly about the nominations.

Season 1

Start Date: October 5, 2003 End Date: December 7, 2003 Duration: 64 days

Nominations table

Each week one sex was Immune, alternating each week. In the first week only the men were eligible for Nomination, and the next week only the women were eligible for Nomination. This continued to alternate. In the finale two winners were crowned – one male, and one female.

The winners of the first season were Julie Lemay and Samuel Tissot and the finalists were Brigitte Bourdeau and Hugues Dubé. Lemay subsequently published two books: "Un automne au Loft: Le journal de la gagnante de Loft Story" and "L'envers de la téléréalité".

Season 2

  • Start date: January 29, 2006
  • End date: April 2, 2006
  • Duration: 64 days
  • Season 2 was hosted by Isabelle Maréchal and Virginie Coossa, and was produced by Groupe Tele-Vision, under licence from Endemol.

    Nominations table

    In alternate weeks the men will nominate the women, and the women will nominate the men, until there are two of each gender left – there will then be a winner of each gender.

    Season 3

    Start Date: September 24, 2006
    End Date: December 3, 2006
    Duration: 71 days
    Season 3 was hosted by Marie Plourde and Virginie Coossa, and was produced by Groupe Tele-Vision, under licence from Endemol.
    The Winners: 2 – Jean-Philippe & Kim
    Losing Finalists: 4 – Brenda-Lee, David, Marie-Ève & Shawn-Edward
    Evicted Lofteurs: 9 – André, Charles, Christiana, Jennifer, Kevins-Kyle, Mélissa, Nathan, Priscilla & Vanessa

    Season 4

    Start Date: September 26, 2007
    End Date: December 5, 2007
    Duration: 71 days
    Winner: Mathieu "Cass" S.
    Losing Finalist: Sébastien, Delphine, Thomas, Élodie & Véronika
    Evicted Lofteurs: Mathieu "Blond" R., Christelle, Crystal, Yannick "Mimo/MimoFox", Vincent "Viny Boy", Francis "Frank", Marilyne, Stéphanie, Karine, Robert "Bob"

    Nominations table

    Undisclosed Nominations are represented by "N/A"

    Season 5

    Start Date: September 28, 2008.
    End Date: December 7, 2008.
    Duration: 71 days.
    The Finalists: Charles-Éric (The Winner), Kevin (Runner-up), Geneviève (3rd), Mihaela (4th) and Cynthia Sa (5th).
    Evicted: Arcadio (twice), Claude-Alexandre, Cynthia Sc, Isabelle, Jason, Manuel, Maude, Myriam & Rémi.

    Season 6

    The 6th season of Loft Story, titled Loft Story : La revanche (an All-Star edition), competed housemates of the last five seasons. The show started on March 29, 2009 on TQS.


    Housemates choice by the public:

  • Cynthia Sauro (Loft Story 5)
  • Dominique Julien (Loft Story 2)
  • Hugues Dubé (Loft Story 1)
  • Mathieu Baron (Loft Story 2)
  • Mathieu Surprenant, "Cass" (Loft Story 4)
  • Sébastien Tremblay (Loft Story 4)
  • Housemates choice by the channel TQS:

  • Alexandra (Occupation Double 4)
  • Arcadio Marcuzzi (Loft Story 5)
  • Christelle Huot (Loft Story 4)
  • Cynthia Schaefer, "Cinny" (Loft Story 5)
  • David Tremblay (Loft Story 3)
  • Delphine Constantin Constantin (Loft Story 4)
  • Gabriel Julien (Occupation Double 4)
  • Geneviève Deneault (Loft Story 5)
  • Kevin Lambert, "Kevins-Kyle" (Loft Story 3)
  • Priscilla Lanni (Loft Story 3)
  • Housemates has been in the casting process:

  • Brenda-Lee Tamaya-Chabot (Loft Story 3)
  • Crystal Dumas (Loft Story 4)
  • Francis Benoit (Loft Story 4)
  • Jean-Philippe Anwar (Loft Story 3)
  • Mélanie Leclaire (Loft Story 1)
  • Myriam Lamontagne (Loft Story 5)
  • Rémi Messier (Loft Story 5)
  • Thomas Girard (Loft Story 4)
  • References

    Loft Story (Canadian TV series) Wikipedia

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