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Industry  Adhesives
Website  www.loctite.fr
Founded  1956
Area served  Worldwide
Headquarters  Düsseldorf, Germany
Parent organization  Henkel
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Products  Superglues Epoxies Spray Adhesives Construction Adhesives Threadlockers

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Loctite is a German owned American brand of adhesives, sealants and surface treatments that include acrylic, anaerobic, cyanoacrylate, epoxy, hot melt, silicone, urethane and UV/light curing technologies. Loctite products are sold globally and are used in a variety of industrial and hobbyist applications.


How to loctite screws


In 1953, American professor Vernon K. Krieble developed anaerobic threadlocking adhesives in his basement laboratory at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Krieble’s company, American Sealants, founded the Loctite brand, which was promoted as ushering in a new era of mechanical reliability by eliminating the vibrational loosening of mechanical fasteners, a frequent cause of machine failure. In 1956, the name Loctite was chosen by Krieble’s daughter-in-law. The Loctite sealant made its official public debut at a press conference at the University Club of New York on July 26 of that year.

In 1963, American Sealants changed its name to the Loctite Corporation. After Vernon Krieble's death in 1964, his son Robert H. Krieble, also a chemist, served as chief executive until 1985. The Vernon K. Krieble Foundation was established in 1984 in honor of the co-founder.

In 1964, Loctite introduced cyanoacrylate adhesives (a repackaged Eastman product, developed at Tennessee Eastman/Eastman Chemical in 1942, and originally marketed as "Eastman 910"), later known as “Super Glue”. It was the first of many new products, including silicones, epoxies, acrylics and the development of new Loctite anaerobics. The 1980s brought about the addition of a line of micro anaerobic adhesives.

In 1997, Loctite was acquired as a flagship brand by Henkel, a German Fortune 500 company. Since then, Loctite has remained a primary Henkel brand and a supplier of household adhesives, epoxies, spray adhesives, construction adhesives and home repair, sealants and fillers. In recent years, the company has increased its focus on green and sustainable technologies.


Products made with Loctite branding include:

  • Bonding adhesives, such as cyanoacrylates, epoxies and hot melts
  • Protective coatings for industrial equipment
  • Flooring and concrete repair sealants and topcoats
  • Gasketing and sealing products
  • Industrial anti-seize and lubricating products
  • Machining compounds that supplement cutting, smoothing and finishing processes
  • Potting and encapsulating products to reinforce housed assemblies
  • Repairing, rebuilding and restoring solutions
  • Retaining compounds for non-threaded cylindrical assemblies
  • Surface preparation products such as cleaners and degreasers
  • Threadlockers and thread sealants in anaerobic liquid and semi-solid formulations
  • Medical application solutions (adhesives, dispensing equipment, curing systems)
  • Adhesive equipment (controllers, reservoirs, applicators, valves, dispensing systems, pumps, monitoring systems).
  • Solder pastes
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