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Lobularia (plant)

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Kingdom  Plantae
Scientific name  Lobularia
Rank  Genus
Order  Brassicales
Higher classification  Cabbage family
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Similar  Lobularia maritima, Alisons, Cabbage family, Calibrachoa, Lobelias

Lobularia is a genus of five species of flowering plants in the family Brassicaceae, closely related to (and formerly often included in) the genus Alyssum. The genus is native to Macaronesia and the Mediterranean region, and comprises annuals and perennials growing to 10–40 cm (4–16 in) tall, with hairy oblong-oval leaves and clusters of cross-shaped (cruciform), fragrant white flowers.

Lobularia (plant) LOBULARIA

The name Lobularia derives from the Greek for a small pod, referring to the fruits.

Selected species
  • Lobularia canariensis
  • Lobularia libyca
  • Lobularia intermedia (syn. L. canariensis subsp. intermedia)
  • Lobularia marginata (syn. L. canariensis subsp. marginata)
  • Lobularia maritima
  • Cultivation and uses

    Lobularia (plant) Photo of the entire plant of Alyssum Lobularia maritima 39Clear

    Lobularia maritima (sweet alyssum; syn. Alyssum maritimum) is a very popular garden plant; it has become widely naturalised throughout the temperate world.

    Lobularia (plant) Lobulariamaritimawhitejpg
    Lobularia (plant) White Knight Sweet Alyssum Lobularia hybrid Proven Winners
    Lobularia (plant) Wild Plants of Malta Plant Family Index


    Lobularia (plant) Wikipedia

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