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Birth name  Vladimir Markovic
Instruments  Vocals
Also known as  LoOney
Years active  2004–present
Name  Vladimir Markovic
Genres  rnb, pop, dance
Role  Film series
Occupation(s)  Singer

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Characters  Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Taz, Sylvester
Adaptations  Baby Looney Tunes (2001), Tiny Toon Adventures (1990), Loonatics Unleashed (2005)
Production companies  Warner Bros., Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Cartoons, DePatie-Freleng Enterprises
Directors  Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Tex Avery, Bob Clampett
Movies  Sinkin' in the Bathtub, Congo Jazz, The Booze Hangs High, Box Car Blues, Bosko's Picture Show
Cast  Chuck Jones, Mel Blanc, Bob Bergen, Jeff Bergman, June Foray

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Vladimir Marković alias LoOney (born December 4, 1980) is a Serbian singer-songwriter, actor, filmmaker and comic artist.


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Life and career

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LoOney is probably most known as Zlatko, main character from "Metla Bez Drške", one of the most popular children's television series in Serbia. He sang in famous children's choir Kolibri, and appeared with them (and solo) in several TV shows like "Deco Pevajte Sa Nama", "Ispeci Pa Reci", "Sedefna Ruža" and others.

LoOney images2alphacoderscom445445517jpg

As a teenager, he discontinued acting and singing and turned underground comic artist with dozens of other artists' and self-published fanzines. Vladimir started using his alias LoOney in 1999 as art-name, although it's his real nickname. In 2002, with group of friends he created and managed "Šlic Comix", highly praised alternative comics magazine and weekly workshop (which is still active without him). Some comics got re-published internationally, and exhibitions traveled around Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, Sweden, etc. In lack of time and other career paths, LoOney stopped drawing, but wrote for other artists. His latest comic is "Kiki Rot", a pirate adventure drawn by Toni Radev. In 2002, he started directing and editing hip-hop music videos. Six years later, he became recognizable filmmaker in Serbia. LoOney directed TV shows "Hoću Da Znaš", "Siti i Vitki","X-Factor Adria" and edited TV shows "Zvezda Pre Svega", "Exit Kultomotivator", "Exit U Pokretu" and "Ja Imam Talenat!".

In 2004, LoOney self-published his first solo single "Jutro (Pametnije Od Noći)" with accompanying music video which got #2 place on, at that point, only domestic music video chart in Serbia on TV Metropolis. For the next single fans had to wait six more years. But in the meantime, LoOney was often featured on other (mostly hip-hop) artists' albums and singles. Most notably Struka's "Tajne", Lud's "Geto Riba" samples Janet Jackson's Let's Wait Awhile and with accompanying music video featuring stars of a movie "Mi Nismo Anđeli 2", since the song appears on the soundtrack, and "Sekund, Minut, Sat" also with recognizable music video entirely shot in Serbia's maximum security prison in Sremska Mitrovica (not to mention that the last one is also directed and edited by LoOney).

In 2010, he put his featuring efforts as a free music download mixtape "Featuring! Vol. 1". Soon after that, December 10, 2010, LoOney published a single "Mucam" with two remixes made by very popular Serbian DJs SevdahBaby and Flip. SevdahBaby, amongst other celebrities, appears in "Mucam" music video, again directed by LoOney himself. Debut album "Kompromis", rare Serbian urban and RnB effort, finally saw the light of day in 2011 in digital form trough MTV Adria Network web-sites. In that way, album became accessible to the whole Adriatic region, not only Serbia. His latest single "(Hoću S Tobom Da) Đuskam / (I Wanna) Dance With You" was released in September 2013.

Solo albums

  • 2011: Kompromis
  • Solo mixtapes

  • 2010: Featuring! Vol. 1
  • Solo singles

  • 2004: "Jutro (Pametnije Od Noći)"
  • 2010: "Mucam"
  • 2013: "(Hoću S Tobom Da) Đuskam + (I Wanna) Dance With You"
  • Albums as a featured artist

  • 1990: Kolibri - Koncert
  • 1998: Kolibri - Kolibri
  • 2004: Struka - Ipak Se Obrće
  • 2005: Suid - Drama Koja Se Šunja Sama
  • 2006: Lud - U Ime igre
  • 2006: Sett - Dnevnik Dvorske Lude
  • 2006: Gospoda - Realno Gledano
  • 2007: Shwartzenigga - Beograd Vietnam
  • 2008: Grupna Terapija - Ko Te Šalje?
  • 2008: Sin - Kosovo Vijetnam
  • 2008: Big Sha - Bread and Amphetamines
  • 2009: Dada - Radio Ubica Dečjeg Lica
  • 2009: Cvija - I Dalje Tu
  • 2010: Mija - Van Kontrole
  • 2011: B-Crew - Naša Posla
  • Singles as a featured artist

  • 2004: Struka ft. LoOney - "Tajne"
  • 2005: Lud ft. LoOney - "Geto Riba" (sampled contains Janet Jackson's Let's Wait Awhile)
  • 2006: Lud ft. VIP, Struka, Borko THC & LoOney - "Sekund, Minut, Sat"
  • 2011: Kantare ft. Tatula & LoOney - "Kad Bi Bila Sa Mnom"
  • Singles as a songwriter

  • 2011: Trik FX - "Kokoška" (with Marko Kon & Drilla)
  • 2013: Kristina Grujin - "Idemo U Disko" (with Ognjen Amidžić, Marko Kon & Drilla)
  • 2013: Sindy - "Telo Gori" (with Marko Kon & Drilla)
  • 2013: Željko & Lubee Game - "Encore" (with Marko Kon, Lubee Game & Drilla)
  • As a director

  • 2004: "Kuća Na Promaji" for Marčelo
  • 2004: "Jutro (Pametnije Od Noći)" for LoOney (himself)
  • 2006: "Sekund, Minut, Sat" for Lud, VIP, Struka, Borko THC & LoOney (himself)
  • 2009: "Živi Bili Pa Videli" for Željko Samardžić
  • 2009: "Moja Želja Si Ti" for Cvija
  • 2009: "Balkan" for Priki
  • 2009: "Požuri" for Ksenija Pajčin & MC Stojan
  • 2009: "Tajni Susreti" for Noć i Dan
  • 2010: "Supica" for Ksenija Pajčin & Danijel Alibabić
  • 2010: "Đinđirinđi 100%" for Blek Panters
  • 2010: "Sexy" for Tina Ivanović & MC Stojan
  • 2010: "Ljubav (Live at Kalemegdan)" for LoOney (himself)
  • 2010: "Ovako Je U Švici" for Komplex & Eky
  • 2010: "Diskoteka" for Cvija & DJ Shone
  • 2010: "Mucam" for LoOney (himself)
  • 2010: "DJ Pumpaj" for MC Stojan & Anabela
  • 2011: "Nikom Nije Lako" for Saška Janković (Miss Jukebox)
  • 2012: "Klik, Blic, Smešak" for Dada & Marvel
  • 2012: "You & Me" for DJ Macro / Syntheticsax / Kantare
  • 2012: "Zaustavite Januar" for Željko Samardžić
  • 2013: "Jadna Ja" Zlatopis & Macka B
  • 2013: "Encore" for Željko & Lubee Game
  • 2013: "Ajde Vodi Me" for Rastko Aksentijević & MC Sajsi
  • 2014: "Pakao i Raj" for DJ Mlađa & Sha
  • 2014: "Open Your Heart" for Yoya Wolf
  • 2014: "Kišno Leto" for Stevan Anđelković & Tanja Savić
  • 2015: "Sudar" for Euterpa
  • 2015: "Žena" for Marina Visković
  • 2015: "Letnje Avanture" for Snežana Nena Nešić
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