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Live Europaturnén MCMXCVII

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Released  December 9, 2008
Artist  Pavement
Producer  Pavement
Genres  Indie rock, Rock music
Recorded  1997
Release date  9 December 2008
Label  Matador Records
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Live Europaturnén MCMXCVII (2008)  Live Europaturnén MCMXCVII (2) (2009)
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Live Europaturnén MCMXCVII is a live album by Pavement, which was recorded at a concert in Europe in 1997. Though it was originally planned for official release on Matador Records that same year, it was not actually released until 2008. Only available in 12" vinyl format, the album was included as part of a bonus offer for those who pre-ordered Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition - the deluxe re-issue edition of Pavement's 1997 album Brighten the Corners - from certain independent record shops.


The song titles for Live Europaturnén MCMXCVII are listed only on the record labels, and not on the actual album sleeve. Most of them also differ in spelling, or are entirely different from what is listed on the band's studio albums for the same songs.


The record's belated release has been met with a positive critical response. Monday Field of Frank Booth Review gave the album 90/100, championing not only the strong performances, but also the production and choice of format, stating that "like Pavement’s early work, this was made for vinyl ... its playful warmth radiates through every groove."

Side A

(titles as printed on label)

  1. "Father To Sister Thought"
  2. "Shady Layne"
  3. "Silence Kid"
  4. "Stereo"
  5. "Remake/Remodel" (Type Slowly)
  6. "Blue Hawaii"
  7. "Painted Soldiers"

Side B

(titles as printed on label)

  1. "Cut Your Hare"
  2. "Stopp Breathing"
  3. "Joe Boyd (Stringband)" (We Are Underused)
  4. "Loretta Scars"
  5. "Tusk" (Fin)
  6. "Range Lifer"


1Father to Sister Thought
2Shady Layne
3Silence Kid


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