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Little Miss Perfect (film)

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Genre  Drama
Running time  1h 22m
Screenplay  Marlee Roberts
Writer  Marlee Roberts
Language  English
Director  Marlee Roberts
Music director  Giona Ostinelli
Cinematography  Oren Soffer
Country  United States
Little Miss Perfect (film) SOHO International Film Festival Little Miss Perfects NYC Premiere
Release date  2015
Producers  Marlee Roberts, Nancy Malone, Alec Isaacs, Joseph Klein, Kathryn Mahler, Zac Gobetz
Cast  Lilla Crawford (Olivia), Isabella Palmieri (Lyla), Karlee Roberts (Belle), Jeremy Fernandez (Gus), Charlie Swan (Madison)

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Little Miss Perfect is an American drama film written and directed by Marlee Roberts, starring Karlee Roberts, Izzy Palmieri, Jeremy Fernandez and Lilla Crawford.


Little Miss Perfect (film) Marlee Roberts completes film Little Miss Perfect Blogfinger

Plot summary

Little Miss Perfect (film) Little Miss Perfect 2016

Belle, an over-achieving high school freshman, stumbles upon an online pro-eating disorder subculture as cracks begin to appear in her seemingly perfect life.


Little Miss Perfect (film) Little Miss Perfect Indiegogo
  • Karlee Roberts as Belle
  • Jeremy Fernandez as Gus
  • Lilla Crawford as Olivia
  • Izzy Palmieri as Lyla
  • Tom Degnan as Mr. Davy
  • Charlie Swan as Madison
  • Eden Wright as Sophia
  • Brandon Bernath as Joey
  • Cameron Fachman as Dave
  • Peter Rini as Maurice
  • Script and Development

    Little Miss Perfect (film) Marlee Roberts completes film Little Miss Perfect Blogfinger

    Little Miss Perfect was written by Marlee Roberts and originally began as an adaptation of the traditional French fairytale La Belle et la Bete, popularly known in English as Beauty and the Beast.

    Little Miss Perfect (film) Little Miss Perfect

    The adaptation borrowed Belle's studious perfectionistic nature and combined it with the Beast's shame and temper. Belle was given a father who set off on a work venture, a mother who is out of the picture, and a confident bordering-on-arrogant suitor.

    In the classic fairytale, in order to break the Beast's curse, the Beast must learn to love someone and be loved in return. In Little Miss Perfect, where Belle and the 'beast' are one and the same, Belle must learn to love herself in order to rid herself of this 'beast'.

    Little Miss Perfect began development under the mentorship of NYU Professor Karl Bardosh, and former VP of 20th Century Fox, Nancy Malone. Roberts revised the screenplay, continuing research at the NYU Child Study Center with doctors in adolescent psychology, to incorporate the behavioral psychology of eating disorders, primarily anorexia.


    Filming took place over four weeks in Stamford, Connecticut and New Rochelle, New York. Principal photography for the prestigious all-girls high school was shot on location at The College of New Rochelle campus and at the Leland Castle.


    Little Miss Perfect premiered at the Irvine International Film Festival on January 21, 2016, where it was nominated for Best Feature Film, and lead actress Karlee Roberts took home the Emerging Artist Award.


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