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Little Mashel River

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- elevation  2,830 ft (863 m)
- elevation  710 ft (216 m)
- location  Cascade Range, Pierce County, Washington
- location  Near Eatonville, Washington, Pierce County

The Little Mashel River is a river in Pierce County, Washington. It is a tributary of the Mashel River, and enters the Mashel just 380 feet (116 m) downstream from the Eatonville, Washington city limits. It is noted for its canyon and the three waterfalls.



The Little Mashel begins in a small, unnamed lake located about 7.6 miles (12 km) southeast of Eatonville, Washington. Upon exiting the lake, the river, very small at this point, flows northeast for about .3 miles (483 m) before turning northwest for about 5.7 miles (9 km), merging with South Fork Little Mashel River about 4.9 miles (8 km) along the way. There, the river briefly turns southwest, picks up the waters of its only named tributary, Midway Creek, and then turns northwest again. It flows that way for another 1.2 miles (2 km) or so until its confluence with the Mashel. A short canyon that sees the river drop over three large, often visited waterfalls lies about .6 miles (966 m) above its mouth.

South ForkEdit

The South Fork Little Mashel River begins about 1 mile (1,609 m) west of the lake the main fork begins in and flows northwest for about 4.1 miles (7 km) until it merges with the main fork of the Little Mashel not far upstream from where Midway Creek meets the Little Mashel.


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