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Lists of languages

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This page lists published lists of languages.


Published lists

  • SIL International's Ethnologue: Languages of the World lists over 7,100 spoken and signed languages.
  • The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) assigns codes for most languages; see ISO 639
  • List of ISO 639-1 codes – two-letter codes (184 major languages)
  • List of ISO 639-2 codes – three-letter codes
  • List of ISO 639-3 codes – three-letter codes, intended to "cover all known natural languages"
  • List of ISO 639-5 codes – three-letter codes for language families and groups
  • IETF language tag - depends on ISO 639, but provides various expansion mechanisms
  • Glottolog
  • Linguasphere Observatory (LS-2010, totalling over 32,800 coded entries & over 70,900 linguistic names)
  • English Wikipedia list articles

  • Index of language articles
  • Comprehensive lists

    Lists which are global in scope (all living natural languages would classify for inclusion):

  • by name: List of indigenous language names (native names)
  • by phylogenetic relation: List of language families (phylogenetic)
  • chronologically: List of languages by first written accounts
  • by number of speakers:
  • List of languages by total number of speakers
  • List of languages by number of native speakers
  • List of languages by number of words according to authoritative dictionaries
  • List of languages by writing system
  • By region

  • Languages of Africa
  • Indigenous languages of the Americas
  • Languages of North America
  • Languages of South America
  • Languages of Asia
  • East Asian languages
  • Languages of South Asia
  • Languages of Southeast Asia
  • Languages of Europe
  • Languages of Oceania
  • By special type or property

    Extinct, endangered or revived languages

  • Lists of extinct languages
  • List of languages by time of extinction
  • Lists of endangered languages
  • List of revived languages
  • By status or cultural sphere of influence

  • List of lingua francas
  • List of official languages
  • List of official languages by state
  • List of official languages by institution
  • List of languages without official status (major linguistic minorities, several million speakers)
  • Languages used on the Internet (includes a list of the 30 or so languages with the most prevalence online)
  • List of mutually intelligible languages
  • Special types of languages

  • List of English-based pidgins
  • ISO 639 macrolanguages
  • List of creole languages
  • List of mixed languages
  • List of sign languages
  • List of sign languages by number of native signers
  • List of constructed languages
  • References

    Lists of languages Wikipedia

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