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List of television series made into books

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Often a television series becomes so successful and popular or attains such a cult status that the franchise produces books either directly based on it (adapted from the episode scripts) or strongly inspired by it (but describing new adventures of the characters).


Television series

The following is a list of television series which were used as the basis for novels (see also Category:Novels based on television series).

  • All About Us see: All About Us novels
  • Angel; see: List of Angel novels
  • Beauty and the Beast; see: Beauty and the Beast novelizations
  • Being Human; see: Being Human novels
  • Beverly Hills, 90210; see: Beverly Hills books
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer; see: List of Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels
  • Castle; see Castle tie-in works
  • Catweazle; see: Catweazle novels
  • Charmed; see: List of Charmed books
  • Class; see: Class books
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; see: CSI novels
  • CSI: Miami; see: CSI novels
  • CSI: NY; see: CSI novels
  • Dad's Army; see: List of Dad's Army books and memorabilia
  • Dallas; see: Dallas books
  • Dark Shadows; see: Dark Shadows books
  • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; see: Dr. Quinn books
  • Doctor Who; see: List of Doctor Who novelisations
  • Dynasty; see: Dynasty books
  • Flight 29 Down; see: Flight 29 Down books
  • Full House; see: Full House books
  • Ghost Whisperer; see: Ghost Whisperer novels
  • Grimm; see: Grimm novels
  • Hannah Montana; see: List of Hannah Montana books
  • Highlander: The Series; see: Highlander: The Series novels
  • Life on Mars; see: Life on Mars novels
  • Lizzie McGuire; see: Lizzie McGuire books
  • Millennium; see: Millennium books
  • Monk; see: Monk books
  • Murder, She Wrote; see:
  • My So-Called Life; see: My So-Called Life novel
  • Once Upon a Time; see: Once Upon a Time novel
  • The Originals; see: The Originals novels
  • Primeval; see: List of Primeval books and novelisations
  • Quantum Leap; see: Quantum Leap books
  • Revenge; see: Revenge book
  • Roar; see: Roar books
  • Roswell; see: Roswell novels
  • Sabrina, the Teenage Witch; see: Sabrina books
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures; see: The Sarah Jane Adventures books
  • The Secret World of Alex Mack; see: List of The Secret World of Alex Mack books
  • Smallville; see: Smallville novels
  • So Little Time; see: So Little Time books
  • Space: 1999; see: List of Space: 1999 books and other media
  • Space: Above and Beyond; see: Space: Above and Beyond books
  • Star Trek; see: List of Star Trek novels
  • Teen Wolf; see: Teen Wolf novels
  • Torchwood; see: List of Torchwood novels and audio books
  • The Tribe; see: The Tribe novels
  • Twin Peaks; see: Twin Peaks books
  • Two of a Kind; see: Two of a Kind books
  • The Vampire Diaries; see: Stefan's Diaries
  • The X-Files; see: The X-Files literature
  • Web series

    The following is a list of web series which were used as the basis for novels.

  • I Heart Vampires; see: I Heart Vampires: Birth (A Confessions of a High School Vampire Novel)
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