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List of parks in Indianapolis

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Parks in Indianapolis are operated primarily by the City of Indianapolis Department of Parks and Recreation, also known as Indy Parks. There are 192 such park facilities grouped into several categories.


In addition to the parks operated by Indy Parks, there are also independent non-profit parks, as well as parks operated by the state of Indiana and by the excluded cities of Beech Grove, Lawrence, Southport, and Speedway.

Regional parks

Regional parks are the largest parks in the Indy Parks system. They are intended to provide an open and natural setting, while also containing other facilities such as cultural or nature centers.

Community parks

Community parks are smaller than Regional parks, and generally place more emphasis on facilities such as recreation centers than on natural landscapes.

Neighborhood parks

Neighborhood parks are the smallest of the parks. They are generally 3 acres (1.2 ha) or smaller, and are intended to serve the immediate surrounding neighborhood with facilities such as basketball courts and playground equipment.

Natural Resource Areas

Natural Resource Areas are kept in their original wild state, and most have only dirt trails.

Other facilities

Indy Parks also operates athletic facilities, including Kuntz Stadium and the Major Taylor Velodrome.

Independent not-for-profit parks

Not managed by any municipality, each of these parks is run by its own independent volunteer board of directors, and operates with fundraising and volunteer support.

Parks in excluded cities and towns

Under Unigov, the excluded cities and towns own and maintain parks within their municipal boundaries.


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