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List of minkhound packs of the United Kingdom

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This is a list of minkhunting packs of the United Kingdom, registered with the Masters of Mink Hounds Association, the governing body for all British minkhound packs. The Hunting Act of 2004 made traditional mink hunting illegal, but most packs have changed their activities to hunt within the law, either by hunting rats and rabbits (both exempt), Trail hunting or by using the other exemptions in the Hunting Act, such as Falconry and using hounds to flush mink to guns.


There are 22 registered minkhound packs in the UK, in addition to some private, unregistered packs, and a number of packs in the Republic of Ireland. The packs are listed according to the constituent nation of the UK in which they operate.


  • Border Counties Mink Hounds
  • Cheriton Hunt
  • Courtenay Tracy Hounds
  • Culmstock Hunt
  • Devon and Cornwall Minkhounds
  • Dove Valley Mink Hounds
  • Eastern Counties Minkhounds
  • Hampshire Minkhounds
  • Kent and Sussex Mink Hounds
  • Norfolk Mink Hounds Hunting Club
  • Northamptonshire Mink Hounds
  • Northern Counties Hunt
  • Teme Valley Minkhounds
  • Three Counties Mink Hounds
  • Tynedale Mink Hunt
  • Valley Mink Hounds
  • Wealden Mink Hounds
  • Scotland

  • Three Dales Mink Hounds
  • Wales

  • Border Counties Mink Hounds
  • Mid Wales and Glamorgan Mink Hounds
  • Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire Mink Hounds
  • West Wales Mink Hounds
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