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List of locations in Artemis Fowl

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This is a list of fictional locations in Artemis Fowl, a book series by Eoin Colfer.


Fowl Manor

Fowl Manor is the home of Angeline Fowl, Artemis Fowl I, Butler, and sometimes Butler's younger sister Juliet. It is on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland. It is a large complex with a fortified medieval wall surrounding a central manor house as well as gardens and fields for growing their own food, and even a study for Artemis Fowl II. The manor consists of a renovated medieval castle built by Lord Hugo Fowl in the 15th century. It is also known to be surrounded by guard towers, which appear in the first book. The manor is also known to contain an attic room, where Angeline Fowl resided after she went insane after her husband's disappearance. However, after Angeline returned to sanity, she left the attic room. Fowl Manor is located up a driveway.

Haven City

Haven City is a fictional fairy metropolis located hundreds of miles underground. It is the capital of the Lower Elements and has a population of around ten thousand. It is so named because it is one of the last havens for fairies; along with Atlantis, is one of the only places that a large number of fairies can live and avoid human contact. Haven is primarily powered by geo-thermal power, and has artificial sunstrips located on its ceiling to give the illusion of day and night.

Police Plaza

Police Plaza is the home of the control centre and barracks of the Lower Elements Police, including LEPrecon and LEPretrieval. It is also the home of head technician Foaly's operation's booth.

Spud's Spud Emporium

Spud's Spud Emporium is a fictional restaurant. It first appears in Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident and appears on a poster in Haven City in the graphic novels. The food there is said to be bad.

Boulevard of Kings

The Boulevard of Kings is a street in Haven City. It appears in the short story LEPrecon, where Holly Short (who is working for LEPtraffic by the time the story is set) is on patrol.

J. Argon Institute

The J. Argon Institute is a clinic which only the wealthy can afford. Opal Koboi was sent here when she went into a self-induced coma, and later Artemis Fowl II was sent here because of his Atlantis Complex. The clinic is named after Jerbal Argon, who runs the clinic. theres twelve months in a year

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is where Artemis Fowl engages in his first encounter with a sprite. This sprite, when promised a cure for her alcohol and holy water poisoning, gives Artemis her copy of the fairy Book of the People for thirty minutes.


Hybras is an island featured in Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony. It is a lunar rock of considerable size which was disconnected from the moon when it was hit by a large meteorite. Upon landing on Earth, it was met with a magma stream and was welded to the surface. The demons and imps which live there are descended from bacterial life forms in the lunar soil. During the "Battle of Taillte", warlocks of the demon tribe transported Hybras through a "time tunnel", arriving in Limbo, where time does not exist. In the fifth book, the time spell starts to unravel. Following Artemis' help, Hybras is moved back to Earth.

Spiro Needle

Spiro Needle is the headquarters of the business Fission Chips, owned by Jon Spiro, located in downtown Chicago.


E1Tara is a surveillance and traveling point used by fairies. This is where most fairies replenish their magic at the full moon; it is thus considerably crowded. Some fairies consider it the most magical place above ground.

Howler's Peak

Howler's Peak is the fairy jail where goblins are imprisoned. It is from Howler's Peak that General Scalene escaped in Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception.


Atlantis is a submerged fairy town, encased in a dome. It is here that Mulch Diggums was imprisoned after his adventures in Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code. The only way to reach Atlantis is to take a submarine.

The Eleven Wonders

The Eleven Wonders is a ruined fairy theme park. It is composed of "hemispherical structures" that are constructed of "hexagonal panels welded together along the seams". The park is lit by a huge artificial crystal sun and Glo-strips. It appears in Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception, and is infested by trolls. The theme park contains models of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and four other monuments thought by fairy scholars to be wonders, even if humans do not count them as such. These are Abu Simbel, Borobodur, the Throne Hall at Persepolis and the Moai statues on Rapa Nui.


There are also many various non-fictional places mentioned in Artemis. Holly Short (a LEPrecon fairy) flies over it when traveling to perform the ritual, where she is abducted by Artemis Fowl. Another one is Ho Chi Minh City, where the story starts.


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