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List of interplanetary voyages

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This is a comprehensive list of interplanetary spaceflights, spaceflight between two or more bodies of the Solar System, listed in chronological order by launch date. It includes only flights that escaped Earth orbit and reached the vicinity of another planet, asteroid, or comet. Flights that were planned but not executed, were destroyed at or shortly after launch, or missed their target entirely are not included. Flights which reached, but failed to return useful scientific data regarding their target, are given a gray background.


The list is divided between flights that stopped at a destination, and those that flew by their target.

Completed flights

The following flights were completed by matching velocity with the target object, whether by station-keeping, entering orbit, landing, or impact.

Passing flights

The following flights flew by the target object at close range, but did not match velocity with their target or continued to another destination.


List of interplanetary voyages Wikipedia

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