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List of homonymous states and regions

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The following are a list of homonymous states and regions that share a single name


National entities and subnational entities

  • Azerbaijan (country) and Azerbaijan (region of Iran).
  • Georgia (country) and Georgia (U.S. state).
  • Luxembourg (country) and Luxembourg (region of Belgium).
  • Macedonia (country) and Macedonia (region of Greece). For more, see Macedonia (terminology).
  • Republic of the Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo (neighbouring countries in Africa)
  • Moldova (country) and Moldova (historical region of Romania).
  • Afghanistan and Afghania (Alternative names for FATA, Pakhtunkhwa or Pashtun regions in general in Pakistan and former British India.)
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) and Republic of Korea (South Korea)
  • Republic of North Sudan and Republic of South Sudan (neighbouring countries in Africa)
  • Subnational entities

  • Amazonas (Brazilian state), Amazonas department (Colombia), Amazonas Region (Peru) and Amazonas (Venezuelan state). There are also the Amazons, the race of women warriors from Greek mythology. Also see Amazon (disambiguation) for more possible meanings of the same name or derivatives thereof.
  • Galicia (Galiza), an autonomous community of Spain, and Galicia, a historical region in Poland and western Ukraine.
  • Iberia (Iberian Peninsula), a peninsula in western Europe occupied by Spain and Portugal, and Iberia in the Caucasus (now mainly in Georgia).
  • Karelia (Russian republic) and Karelia (region), that includes territories of Russia and Finland.
  • Limburg (region of Belgium) and Limburg (region of the Netherlands).
  • Munster (a province and ancient sub-national kingdom in Ireland (and various geographies in the Anglophone world named for it)) and Münster (a city in Germany).
  • Panama (country) and Panamá Province in Panama.
  • Paraná (state of Brazil) and Paraná (city in Argentina).
  • Punjab (state of India) and Punjab (Province of Pakistan) and Punjab (region that includes territories of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan).
  • New Caledonia, a French island in the South Pacific, and New Caledonia, a former colony in what is now British Columbia, Canada
  • Tyrol (state of Austria) and South Tyrol (autonomous province of Italy).
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