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List of ghost towns in New Mexico

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This is a partial list of ghost towns in New Mexico in the United States of America.



Ghost towns can include sites in various states of disrepair and abandonment. Some sites no longer have any trace of buildings or civilization and have reverted to empty land. Other sites are unpopulated but still have standing buildings. Still others may support full-time residents, though usually far less than at their historical peak, while others may now be museums or historical sites.

For ease of reference, the sites listed have been placed into one of the following general categories.

Barren site
  • Site is no longer in existence
  • Site has been destroyed, covered with water, or reverted to empty land
  • May have a few difficult to find foundations/footings at most
  • Neglected site
  • Little more than rubble remains at the site
  • Dilapidated, often roofless buildings remain at the site
  • Abandoned site
  • Building or houses still standing, but all or almost all are abandoned
  • No population, with the possible exception of a caretaker
  • Site no longer in use, except for one or two buildings
  • Semi-abandoned site
  • Buildings or houses still standing, but most are abandoned
  • A few residents may remain
  • Historic site
  • Buildings or houses still standing
  • Site has been converted to a historical site, museum, or tourist attraction
  • Still a busy community, but population is smaller than its peak years
  • List

  • Baldy Town
  • Bard
  • Blackdom
  • Bland
  • Cabezon
  • Carpenter
  • Chloride
  • Cuchillo
  • Clairmont
  • Cloverdale
  • Cooney
  • Dawson
  • El Ojo Del Padre
  • Elizabethtown
  • Glenrio
  • Hagan
  • Hermosa
  • Gage
  • Gobernador
  • Gran Quivira (now part of the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument)
  • Kelly
  • Lake Valley
  • Lanark
  • Mentmore (still has post office and zip code 87319)
  • Mogollon
  • Mowry City
  • Old Hachita
  • Pinos Altos, New Mexico (High Pines); still has some people there, located near Silver City
  • Pittsburg
  • Red Hill
  • Santa Barbara
  • Santa Rita
  • Shakespeare (Mexican Springs, Grant, Ralston City)
  • Steins
  • Tejon
  • Twining (site of Taos Ski Valley)
  • Tyrone
  • Vinegaroon (east of La Luz, Otero County; at the mouth of La Borcita)
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