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List of former Buddhists

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The following is a list of former Buddhists who no longer identify as such, organized by their current religious affiliation or ideology.



  • Mihirakula – Huna ruler
  • Rajasinghe I – Sri Lankan king who conquered Kandy
  • Rishabhadatta – Satrap viceroy
  • Rudradaman I – Satrap ruler and conqueror of the Satavahanas
  • Vasudeva I – Kushan king and numismatist
  • Islam

  • The Barmakid family – originally the guardians of the great Buddhist shrine near Balkh, upon conversion they became "the greatest family" in the early Abbasid caliphate
  • Mahmud Ghazan – seventh ruler of the Ilkhanate
  • Korguz – was an Uyghur governor of Khorasan during the reign of the Mongol ruler Ogedei Khan
  • Muhammad Khodabandeh – eighth Ilkhaid dynasty ruler in Iran from 1304 to 1316
  • Mubarak Shah – head of the ulus of the Chagatai Khanate (1252–1260, March–September 1266)
  • Daniel Moore – poet
  • Donei Kalaminjaa – king of the Maldives
  • Tarmashirin – Khan of the Chagatai Khanate following Duwa Timur
  • Hussein Ye – Islamic scholar of Chinese descent whose lectures are frequently aired on Peace TV
  • Jihadi Sid – member of Islamic State; converted from Buddhism to Islam
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