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List of films based on sports books

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On occasion, sports books have been used as source material for film adaptations. Popular sports in the United States such as baseball and American football have been adapted to film. Books about sports such as boxing, bullfighting, cockfighting, football, hockey, hunting have also been adapted.



  • * television film.
  • Comedies

  • ♠ The book Fever Pitch is about a fan of football and Arsenal Football Club in particular, not the baseball team, the Boston Red Sox.
  • Basketball

  • * television film.
  • Cockfighting

    (Popular and legal in Mexico)


  • * television film.
  • Fencing

  • ♠ Gen. George Patton relaxes in occupied Bavaria with fencing and horseback riding.
  • * television film.
  • Fishing

  • * television film.
  • Football, American

    Professional, college, high school

  • * television film.
  • Comedies

  • ♠ A plagiarism suit was brought against producer Harold Lloyd by Witwer. The suit was initially won, but the decision was overturned in 1933.
  • Off the field

    (Terrorism became a regular part of news reports in the early 1970s, and this theme was extended to popular fiction.)

    Football, Canadian

    Professional and university

  • * television film.
  • Golf

  • * television film.
  • Ice hockey

  • * television film.
  • Game

  • ♠ A roman à clef about director John Huston filming The African Queen.
  • Game birds

  • ♠ A duck-hunting grandfather (Jean Gabin) takes on a gang of drug traffickers.
  • Lacrosse

    (Lacrosse is the official national (summer) sport of Canada)

  • ♠ Ernie Davis plays briefly with fellow football star Jim Brown, who was also a lacrosse superstar at Syracuse University.
  • Mountaineering

  • * television film.
  • Polo

  • ♠ Polo-playing US cavalrymen resist Japanese invasion.
  • Rowing

  • ♠ Two rowers are recruited by the CIA, and the sport follows the agents through their lives.
  • * television film.
  • Sailing


  • ♠ No plot is currently available for this yachting film.
  • * television film.
  • Skiing

  • ♠ An early film involving a ski chase.
  • * television film.
  • Stunt driving

  • ♠ The film includes flashbacks of the Wall of Death.
  • * television film.
  • Real tennis

  • ♠ Sigmund Freud plays a match.
  • Chariot racing

  • ♠ A chase, rather than a race.
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