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List of films based on civics books

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A list of films that are based on books about common topics and issues in social science and political science.



  • ♠ The subject is the British consul in a Mexican town (based on Cuernavaca).
  • Germany

  • ♠ The German book title translates literally as Christiane F. – We Children from the Zoo Station.
  • USA

    For slave revolts, see List of films based on war books — 1775–1898.

  • * TV movie.
  • ** TV miniseries.
  • Journalism

    (Print and television)


  • ♠ A television reporter broadcasts live from the 1746 Battle of Culloden.
  • * TV movie.
  • Publishers

  • ♠ Mrs. Graham is often mentioned but not dramatized.
  • Manufacturing

  • * TV movie.
  • Sports

  • ♠ The hockey players in the wage dispute are Canadian; the club owners are American.
  • * TV movie.
  • Canada

    20th century


  • ♠ The story of Ira Hayes was also told in Flags of Our Fathers.
  • UK

  • ♠ The earliest editions of the novel did not contain a glossary, or any indication that the slang was based on Russian.
  • Capital punishment

  • * TV movie.
  • Greece

  • ♠ The film concerns torture during the period of the colonels.
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