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List of film serials by studio

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A List of film serials by studio, separated into five major studios and the remaining minor studios.


The five major studios produced the greater number of serials. Of these the main studios are considered to be Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures and Republic Pictures. All three were active during the 1930s and 1940s. The other two major studios are Mascot Pictures, which was later taken over and merged with other companies to form Republic, and Pathé Exchange, which ceased serial production before the age of sound.

Major studios

These studios were the main producers of serials.

Mascot Pictures

Note: Mascot later became part of Republic (see below)

Pathé Exchange

Note: All of Pathé Exchange's serials were Silent

Universal Pictures

With 137 serials, Universal produced more than any other company.

Minor studios

These studios produced only small numbers of serials. They were either small, independent studios themselves or major studios not interested in the serial market.


List of film serials by studio Wikipedia

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