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List of fictional Asian countries

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This is a list of fictional countries supposedly located somewhere in the continent of Asia.


Central Asia

  • Adjikistan: Central Asian nation located near Afghanistan and Pakistan in the video game SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Combined Assault
  • Albenistan: Central Asian country in the d20 adventures Raid on Ashkashem, the Qalashar Device, and the Khorforhan Gambit written by Fraser Ronald and published by Sword's Edge Publishing.
  • Aldastan: Central Asian country, adjacent to Kazakhstan, in the Command & Conquer: Generals video game. Apparently a union of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzistan.
  • Bahavia: Central Asian country, culturally similar to India, Pakistan in Disney show Cory In The House
  • Basenji: from I Dream of Jeannie. Jeannie's family rules the country. It borders Russia, Afghanistan, and Kasha, its historic enemy.
  • Franistan: from the I Love Lucy episode 'The Publicity Agent' in which Lucy petends to be the "Maharincess of Franistan", royalty from a faraway land who is a big fan of Ricky's, in order to get Ricky some publicity.
  • Frigyzstan: another fictional union republic in the game Heavy Weapon, usually referring to Kyrgyzstan.
  • Hermajistan: A fictional nation used to replace Afghanistan in the anime version of Full Metal Panic. The change was made after the September 11, 2001 attacks, as the protagonist was originally raised in Afghanistan. A later part of the story involves an operation in Hermajistan.
  • Islamic Republic of Kamistan: a country similar to Iran in the 24 TV series, season eight.
  • Kaloon: Central Asian Khanate in H. Rider Haggard's Ayesha.
  • Kasha: from I Dream of Jeannie. The historic enemy of Jeannie's native Basenji.
  • Khembalung: Buddhist Himalayan country whose population moves to an island, in the Science in the Capital series by Kim Stanley Robinson.
  • Kuala Rokat: a far eastern country in the Mission: Impossible TV episode "The Seal". Described in the tape sequence at the start of the epidode as "a small but strategic nation on the India-China border".
  • Kuristan: from the movie Mr. Magoo, Central Asian nation that is home to the famous jewel The Star of Kuristan.
  • Mandalia: a kingdom in Asia, located "somewhere between India, China and the Soviet Union", from the 1986 German TV series Kir Royal.
  • Parmistan, the setting for the 1985 film Gymkata. It is said to be in the Hindu Kush mountain range.
  • People's Republic of Tazbekistan, The BBC2 comedy drama Ambassadors (TV series) starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb as the British ambassador, Keith Davis, and his Mission deputy, Neil Tilly.
  • Takistan: a country in Central Asia, from the computer game ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead.
  • Tazbekistan: Central Asian republic, setting for the 2013 BBC TV comedy series Ambassadors.
  • Turaqistan: A war torn Central Asian country in the movie War, Inc., occupied by a global defense corporation named Tamerlane. It is the country of Yonica Babyyeah, a famous Central Asian pop star.
  • Yellow Empire: a country (capital, Lhasa) in The Secret of the Swordfish trilogy of graphic novels
  • Yogistan: mountainous Asian country in The Ascent of Rum Doodle by William Ernest Bowman.
  • East Asia

  • Eastasia: from the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
  • Greater Korean Republic: Asian superstate covering Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, East Timor, Singapore, and the Western and Midwestern parts of the United States in the video game Homefront
  • Hondo City: city-state covering most of Japan in the Judge Dredd comic book series
  • South Asia

  • Halla: a kingdom from the movie Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne
  • Howduyustan: Carl Barks' satirical version of India.
  • Kyrat: Himalayan country featured in the video game Far Cry 4
  • Munma Holy Republic: Islamic republic, formed out of the southern quarter of Iran and Pakistan, in Appleseed manga.
  • Pashman: A remote Himalayan Buddhist kingdom, similar to Bhutan, in William Bloom's Qhe novels.
  • Republic of Potarneyland: A country situated somewhere on the Indian subcontinent that is featured in several episodes of The Navy Lark. Over the course of the series, it is revealed that Potarneyland had recently been granted independence from Great Britain, and had joined NATO because the Potarneys considered it to be a "free gift scheme". During Series 3 of The Navy Lark, a Potarneyland gunboat, the Poppadum, appears in several episodes manned by various Potarney officers voiced by Michael Bates and Ronnie Barker.
  • Shakoor: a kingdom located near India in Count Duckula whose ruler, Princess Rana (Ruby Wax), collected various Transylvanian antiques and later fell in love with the show's eponymous hero.
  • Shundi: a kingdom from the movie Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne which was filmed by Satyajit Ray from a novel by Upendrakishore Raychoudhury.
  • Selgina: a small country located high in the Himalayas in the movie Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster
  • Shangri-La: a mystical, harmonious valley, enclosed in the western end of the Himalaya in James Hilton's novel Lost Horizon
  • Thulahn: a Himalayan country in The Business by Iain Banks
  • Zekistan: a country between Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and Tajikistan in the Full Spectrum Warrior computer game and Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers; its history and setting closely resemble Afghanistan's and Iraq's.
  • Yangdon: a fictional kingdom from the Philippine television drama Princess and I. It is based on the real-life Bhutan.
  • Southeast Asia

  • "Unnamed": southeast Asian dictatorship in the movie "No escape" 2015 despite having no mentioned name, it shares a simaler culture and language to that of Thailand. Its located near Cambodia and shares a border with Vietnam.
  • Danu: Southeast Asian country based on East Timor, the setting of The Redundancy of Courage by Timothy Mo
  • Iriadeska: Southeast Asian country in the short story Iriadeska's Martians by Frederik Pohl
  • Kamaria: Southeast Asian island nation used as the fictional opposing force in Australian Defence Force exercises
  • Kandah State: Sultanate in Ann Halam's Taylor Five; located on Borneo between Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Kinakuta: Sultanate in Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon and Baroque Cycle; located between Palawan and Borneo
  • Madripoor: Southeast Asian island country in the Marvel Comics Universe
  • Pala: Southeast Asian country located in the Indian Ocean to the west of Sumatra, the main setting of Island by Aldous Huxley
  • Panau: An island nation that is the main setting of the game Just Cause 2.
  • Patusan: Southeast Asian country in the novel Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad
  • Phaic Tăn: Indochinese country from a parody travel guidebook; from the same authors as Molvanîa and San Sombrèro.
  • Ragaan: Southeast Asian country located between Thailand and Malaysia featured in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's TV series Embassy
  • Sarkhan: Southeast Asian country from the novel The Ugly American by William Lederer and Eugene Burdick and the subsequent movie
  • Shadaloo: Southeast Asian state in the 1994 film Street Fighter, based on the Capcom video game (in which the same word was used to describe various other things, including a criminal organisation). In the television series Street Fighter II V, a similar name, Shadowlaw, referred to a master organization controlled by Bison which several lesser syndicates operated under.
  • Sondonesia: in The Adventures of Tintin comic Flight 714 to Sydney
  • Sunda: in Eric Ambler's State of Siege [2], is similar to Indonesia but much smaller, confined to a single island. (In reality there is a Sunda Strait and many islands known collectively as the Sunda Islands, but no specific one island with the name.)
  • Udon Khai: a country featured in the 1995 Andrew Vachss Batman novel Batman: The Ultimate Evil. Bordering Thailand, Udon Khai is a haven for wealthy sex tourists looking for child prostitutes. The country serves as a stand-in for Thailand and as a critique of Thailand's child sex industry.
  • Yatakang: archipelagic Australasian "guided socialist democracy" from John Brunner's novel Stand on Zanzibar. Apparently roughly in the region of, and analogous to, Indonesia.
  • Southwest Asia

  • Agrabah: Arabian mystical land in the animated movie Aladdin and its sequels
  • Ajir (or Azhir): a Middle East republic neighboring Karak in the Mission: Impossible TV episode "Nitro"
  • Amel: a Middle East republic from the tokusatsu series Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya
  • Argania: a Middle East country from RoboCop: The Animated Series, homeland of the Prince Saurus
  • Azaran: Middle Eastern country in The Andromeda Breakthrough TV series
  • Babalstan: Middle Eastern country in the movie Harum Scarum
  • Bahar: gulf state from an episode of Spooks. Capital city: Bahar city.
  • Beth Ja Brin: Middle Eastern country appearing in Danger Man
  • Confederated Gulf States: Persian Gulf Monarchy run by Sheik Rasul in an episode of Spooks
  • Damuz: Middle Eastern country in the 1966 film Gambit
  • East Yemen: located somewhere in the Middle East, from the sitcom Yes, Prime Minister. Formerly known as The People's Democratic Republic of East Yemen, it was a Soviet backed Communist dictatorship which often raided its neighbour, West Yemen.
  • Elkabar: Persian Gulf kingdom, from the Mission: Impossible episode "The Slave"
  • Fawzia: Middle Eastern kingdom in the movie John Goldfarb, Please Come Home
  • Gazth Sonika: Monarchy country is the setting of an ongoing civil war in the anime series Madlax
  • Golithia: a country between Turkey and the Soviet Union from the graphic novel Batman: Son of the Demon
  • Isram: a Middle Eastern country mentioned in Donna Tartt's novel The Secret History. Professor Julian Morrow of the fictitious Hampden College in Vermont was an instructor to the deposed Isrami crown princess, the daughter of the deposed Shah of Isram, whose dynasty traced its roots to the Tower of Babel. Professor Morrow feared the Isramic jihad.
  • Ishtar: a Middle Eastern emirate in the movie Ishtar
  • Karak: Middle Eastern country, neighboring Ajir in the Mission: Impossible TV episode "Nitro"
  • Khemed: Arab monarchy from The Adventures of Tintin comics
  • Khura'in: A monarchy ruled by a spirit medium royalty which is the primary setting of the video game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Spirit of Justice
  • Lugash: Mideast nation from the Pink Panther series of movies. The home of the Pink Panther gem.
  • Muldovia: An Arabian state with vast oilfields featured in an episode of The Secret Service
  • Ohtar: Middle Eastern country in the 1984 Goldie Hawn film Protocol
  • Pianostan: Middle Eastern country from the animated television series Inspector Gadget
  • Qamadan: an oil-rich Arab kingdom and American ally from the Mission: Impossible TV episode "The Brothers"
  • Qumar: Middle Eastern state from the television series The West Wing
  • Qumran (Kumrahn): Arab country in the BBC comedy series Yes Minister
  • Qurac: A fictional Persian Gulf country in the DC Comics Universe, often used when DC needs a terrorist state.
  • Salamia: a country in the Middle East in the Tamil movie Vikram
  • Salouf: Arabic oil-rich monarchy in the movie Where the Spies Are
  • Saradia: Middle Eastern country in the movie Godzilla vs. Biollante
  • Suroq: Middle Eastern country from the Mission: Impossible TV episode "Terror"
  • Unaudited Arab Emirates: Parody of the United Arab Emirates featured in San Sombrèro: A Land of Carnivals, Cocktails and Coups.
  • Uqbar: from Jorge Luis Borges's Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius
  • Wasabia: a fictitious Middle Eastern country which plays a prominent role in Christopher Buckley's Florence of Arabia.
  • West Yemen: a fictitious and presumably democratic country in the Middle East which bordered East Yemen. From an episode in the sitcom, Yes, Prime Minister.
  • Yetzanistan: Middle Eastern country from the animated television series Inspector Gadget
  • Zahrain: a country in the Arabian Peninsula in the novel Appointment in Zahrain and 1962 film Escape from Zahrain.
  • Zokistan: a Middle East republic from RoboCop: The Animated Series, homeland of the sheikh Ilmar
  • Uncertain

  • Anti-Traction League: Controls most of Asia in Philip Reeve's book series Mortal Engines Quartet
  • Bratavia: Asian dictatorial country mentioned in an episode of the 1987 German TV comedy Diplomaten küßt man nicht
  • Jumbostan and Unsteadystan: from the world of Donald Duck.
  • Bazookistan: A country that was visited by Scrooge McDuck to retrieve the Candy Striped Ruby from the Bazookistan Bandits.
  • Onabushka: A country featured in one episode of The Navy Lark. It is a country that was once ruled by France, but has since become an independent nation, ruled by Queen Jaratova (possibly a pun on Ranavalona, the name of three queens of Madagascar), whose English consisted largely of American idioms. The queen was played by Heather Chasen in the show, and her various underlings were played by Michael Bates.
  • Tyranistan: An Asian country and former member of the Soviet Union featured in San Sombrèro: A Land of Carnivals, Cocktails and Coups.
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