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List of evil Power Rangers

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An evil Power Ranger is a Ranger who is either brainwashed into becoming evil, created as evil, lied to, blackmailed or is corrupt. Evil Rangers are either tools of villains or are villains in their own right. Most evil Rangers are evil duplicates of the Power Rangers. Their suits are identical to that of their Ranger counterparts, but sometimes these suits are somewhat modified (to some extent). Some evil Rangers, however, wear their own suits to completely differentiate themselves from their Ranger counterparts and wield powers and abilities not possessed by either the Rangers or their evil duplicates. Evil Rangers, monsters, and/or enemy grunts can also disguise themselves as Rangers. So far, the A-Squad of Power Rangers S.P.D. are the only truly corrupt team of Rangers in the Power Rangers franchise (instead of being brainwashed into evil, such as Tommy, or being created as evil, such as the Psycho Rangers).



Rangers are listed in chronological order.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

  • Tommy (Evil Green Ranger) when placed under Rita's spell
  • Evil Power Rangers
  • Mutant Rangers
  • Primator (Had the ability to mimic a Ranger)
  • Dark Rangers
  • Justin (Red Dark Ranger)
  • Bobby (Blue Dark Ranger)
  • Zane (Black Dark Ranger)
  • Kristen (Pink Dark Ranger)
  • Tina (Yellow Dark Ranger)
  • Tom Oliver (Tommy's clone)
  • Billy's Clone
  • Katherine Hillard (when placed under Rita's spell. Became evil before becoming a Ranger, turned good)
  • Zeo

  • Tommy Oliver
  • Turbo

  • Kimberly and Jason (in the movie) (temporary)
  • Shadow Rangers (the Rangers' powers turned evil)
  • Crash and the Creeps
  • In Space/Lost Galaxy

  • Psycho Rangers
  • Psycho Red
  • Psycho Black
  • Psycho Blue
  • Psycho Yellow
  • Psycho Pink
  • Psycho Silver (actually the Silver Ranger in disguise)
  • Ashley Hammond (switched bodies with Astronema)
  • Kai Chen (Blue Galaxy Ranger) (while under control by Deviot)
  • Damon Henderson (Green Galaxy Ranger) (while under control by Deviot)
  • Lightspeed Rescue

  • Cyborg Rangers (replacements for the team gone haywire)
  • Titanium Ranger (temporarily evil)
  • Time Force

  • Time Force Rangers (Pocket dimension clones)
  • Mirrorcon (could take the form of the Rangers)
  • Wild Force

  • Shadow Rangers
  • Ninja Storm

  • Crimson and Navy thunder (temporarily)
  • Male Ninja Storm Rangers (in Goldwinger monster's alternate dimension)
  • Dino Thunder

  • White Ranger (temporarily evil)
  • Yellow Ranger (temporarily under mind control)
  • White Ranger clone
  • Wind Rangers (temporarily evil/brainwashed by Lothor)
  • S.P.D.

  • Schuyler "Sky" Tate (monster switched bodies with him temporarily)
  • Sydney "Syd" Drew (temporarily evil/brainwashed by Mysticon)
  • A-Squad S.P.D. Rangers
  • Charlie (A-Squad Red)
  • Beevor (A-Squad Blue)
  • Cliff (A-Squad Green)
  • Ivan (A-Squad Yellow)
  • Rachel (A-Squad Pink)
  • Mystic Force

  • Vida (temporarily while a vampire)
  • Mystic Force Rangers (Black Necked clones created by Hekatoid)
  • Leanbow (temporarily)
  • Nick as Koragg the Knight Wolf
  • Operation Overdrive

  • William "Will" Aston (Not actually evil, was actually involved in a plot to trick Miratrix)
  • Tyzonn (became evil before becoming a Ranger, turned good)
  • Overdrive Rangers (Black Necked clones created by Crazar)
  • Jungle Fury

  • Jarrod (Possessed by Dai Shi)
  • Spirit Rangers (temporarily evil)
  • RPM

  • Dillon
  • Samurai

  • Kevin (temporarily brainwashed by Madimot)
  • Mike (switched spirits with Switchbeast)
  • Megaforce/Super Megaforce

  • Robo Knight (temporarily turned evil)
  • Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge

  • Chase
  • Koda
  • Dino Charge Rangers (clones Duplicon turned Vivix into)
  • Tyler (temporarily Tyrannosaurus-minded when testing a virus-infected T-Rex Super Charger)(He was freed by his father-the aqua ranger).
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