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List of dragons in Dragon Booster

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The following section will explain each of the fictional dragons featured in the Canadian animated series Dragon Booster. This also includes dragons from which are not common within the show, as you may see them only in a few episodes. This section will provide a general overview of each particular dragon, as well as get into more specifics later on. Along with the information concerning the various dragons in Dragon Booster, it will also discuss various types of gears from which the various dragons can use (if applicable to that particular dragon). Also this section explains each dragon's personality traits and bonds with their riders.


Dragon classes

Dragons have been bred into twelve distinct breeds or classes based on the twelve colors of draconium (in addition to gold, of course). Each of the twelve classes have their own characteristics as listed here. There are FIVE primary gear and draconium colors, and all of the others are off-shoots of these. The five base colors are GOLD, BLACK, RED, GREEN and BLUE. The information in this section comes straight from the creators of the show and is excerpted from the "Definitive Gear and Dragon Guide."

Gold Star-Class

All dragons were originally Gold dragons until they were bred for specific uses. The Gold dragons were known as Star-Class dragons. Not much is known about Gold dragons as they have been bred out of existence since the last Dragon-Human War. It is unclear what Star-Class dragons look like as the only known Gold dragon is Beau. Although it appears that Connor Penn's (aka Mortis) dragon Tyrannis Pax is a Gold dragon, since his mag-stream colour is actually gold, he really is a Blue Draconium dragon.

Red Magma-Class

Red draconium dragons are creatures of bonding, passion and fire. They are a great complement to an accomplished rider but can help the less experienced one quickly let things get out of hand. These MAGMA-CLASS dragons are fast, harsh, and ready to attack but also quickly form bonds of loyalty.

Best Gear Matches: Green, Light Green, Gray, Light Blue, Turquoise And White.

Green Bull-Class

Green draconium dragons are a massively powerful lot and they are hard to control and master. They respond best to the brute force or incredible will of a rider. Green BULL-CLASS dragons move slowly and no amount of speed or maneuvering gear short of Red Thruster Gear can substantially help that. They are best at bashing through obstacles or dragging and pushing other competitors around the track. These stubborn creatures don't mesh well with other dragons or gear types but, they don't really need the help either.

Best Gear Matches: Black, Red And Brown.

Blue Energy-Class

Blue ENERGY-CLASS dragons are precise, controlled, lightning fast and acrobatic. They work best with experienced riders who have discipline and skill but because they are so well trained, they make excellent law enforcement dragons and are the perfect partner for younger inexperienced riders who need a dragon to help train and protect them. They are the only dragons that can match the speed of the Red MAGMA-CLASS dragons.

Best Gear Matches: Purple, Brown, Light Green, Gray And White.

White Sky-Class

The extreme sports dragons of this world, white draconium SKY-CLASS dragons are part flying squirrel, part hang-glider and all about taking risk. Difficult to control when there's extreme action to be had, you better work with this dragon or he'll shake you right off his back. This dragon is all about adventure and fun and in many ways, the SKY-CLASS is the most fun to ride. Just make sure you're up for just about anything because even if you're not, your dragon is.

Best Gear Matches: Red, Blue, Orange, Light Blue And Gray.

Light Blue Nautilus-Class

The light blue NAUTILUS-CLASS dragon is the hardest dragon type to pin down. They are at once fluid and graceful yet hardened and rigid. They are the most versatile of dragons being bred for both land and water but are equally duplicitous of manner as they are use. It requires a mentally alert, flexible and nimble rider to handle the NAUTILUS-CLASS but once you do, you have a fast, dangerous and cunning dragon that is as skilled at attack as it is defense.

Best Gear Matches: Black, Red, Purple, Orange, Light Green, Gray, White And Turquoise.

Brown Earth-Class

The brown EARTH-CLASS dragon was originally bred for digging and demolishing and this dragon can do all of that and more but not without good reason. This old breed is very smart and won’t necessarily do what you want unless he agrees with you. Once on your side, these steady, thoughtful and powerful dragons are very destructive. When crossed, they can go out of control in a judgmental frenzy.

Best Gear Matches: Green, Blue And Light Green.

Orange Control-Class

Beware the orange CONTROL-CLASS dragons as they are one of the most intelligent and vengeful of all dragons. Humans may appear to ride them, but are instead actually enslaved by them to help them race and battle. Secretly, the orange dragons are waiting for a chance to start a war with the humans, but for now, they take pleasure in messing about in human affairs with their nihilist riders and highly destructive gear. Orange gear is hard to come by, extremely difficult to control and very, very dangerous.

Best Gear Matches: Black, Red, Purple, Light Green, Light Blue, Gray And Turquoise.

Light Green Scavenger-Class

These dragons are known as SCAVENGER-CLASS dragons because their smaller size, high speed and highly fearful disposition makes them excellent gatherers. They can also be easily coerced by force or fear to help any other dragon/human team. Silent, stealthy, quick and resourceful, these dragons make a great team for the Keeper crew and their inventive yet cautious ways.

Best Gear Matches: Green, Blue, Brown And Gray.

Purple Pack-Class

Purple PACK-CLASS dragons are smaller and quicker than most dragons. They are also very good at jumping great heights, similar to kangaroos. Used to operating in groups, they do not do as well alone and therefore are not generally great single racers. They prefer a communal setting and are used to a relationship that requires that their riders be the alpha-male in a group of both dragons and riders. Great for hunting, they are not independent thinkers and do not really add team value to their rider. However, their gear is another story as its control, trapping and hunting uses make the group as a whole, very dangerous.

Best Gear Matches: Black, Red, Green, Light Green, Light Blue, Gray And Turquoise.

Turquoise Sonic-Class

Turquoise draconium SONIC-CLASS dragons are loud, forceful and persuasive by manner or force; just like their riders. To partner with one of these dragons requires you to prove yourself worthy to the dragon. One of the most strategic and communicative dragons on the planet, you don't always know what a group of them is up to so you better be able to handle yourself around them or together, they just might decide they don't want you around.

Best Gear Matches: Black, Green, Purple And Gray.

Grey Bone-Class

The second oldest dragon breed after the gold dragon, the gray draconium dragon is like the raw material dragon. Gray dragons do not race, they do not judge and they do not take sides but the MECHANIST crews that follow them are all about profit. Like the Ferengi in Star Trek, they make their living prospecting this rare draconium which adds power to all others.

Best Gear Matches: All Gear Types.


Beau is the main dragon of the show and he is the Gold Dragon of Legend and the only gold draconium dragon in existence in present day Dragon City. Beau was bred by the dragon breeder Connor Penn, and was named after Beaucephalis, the original Dragon of Legend that stopped the first dragon-human war 3000 years ago. Beau is 16 years old, the same age as Artha, and the two were raised together by Connor.

At first, both Beau and Artha didn't like each other very much but as a gold dragon, Beau is the only dragon in Dragon City to choose his rider and he must choose one before trouble starts brewing up. Connor held try-outs and Beau rejected all riders until Artha rode him in episode 1, making Artha the chosen Dragon Booster. When Artha is teamed with Beau, he enhances Beau's power and, with training, Artha will be able to release the full power of the dragon.

According to prophecy, a Gold Star dragon would one day return to prevent a second dragon-human war. Word Paynn is seeking to start the war and the only thing that can stop him is the gold dragon. He therefore seeks to capture Beau to prevent Beau from stopping his plans. If Word can control Beau, then he is almost assured victory in his plans since he could then use Beau to lead the war but Word frequently fails to capture Beau so this is a bit of a challenge for him.

Beau's normal colors are black with gold markings. He can change his colors to blue and red to hide his identity so that he and Artha can race and be seen in Dragon City without Word Paynn finding out who he is. Also, if the people knew that Artha was racing with the gold dragon of legend, they would be able to logically conclude that he was the Dragon Booster.

Beau's gold draconium gives him many abilities that no other dragon has. In particular, he can sprout wings and glide, and he can channel draconium energy from other dragons and humans and use it himself. He can also generate a shield around himself and can mag-jump higher than any other dragon.

Beau also commands a good deal of authority with other dragons. Most appear to recognize him as a leader of their kind and will bow down to him. The only exceptions so far are the orange dragons of the Prophets crew.

Beau interacts with humans more than other dragons we see, and he seems to take delight in teasing Artha at times. Beau also seems to have a more developed sense of humor and is the only dragon we see that snickers and he even bursts out laughing on occasion. Even though he likes to have a little fun, he takes his role as the gold dragon of legend seriously with unflinching bravery and determination. Many fans consider him to be the true hero of the show.


Wyldfyr is one of the fastest dragons on the race track and has a stride that makes running look effortless. Kitt frequently uses red thruster gear on Wyldfyr to go even faster. Wyldfyr hasn't shown much of his personality on screen, but he is very loyal to Kitt, and as seen in episodes like "Three Times a Hero" and "Wraith Booster," won't hesitate to defend her when the need arises.

One of the creators of the show, Rob Travalino, stated that Wyldfyr is male. Evidence of this can be seen in episode 29 "Framed", where Kitt says "Nice moves, boy" to Wyldfyr.


Cyrano is a green Bull-class dragon ridden by Parmon. Like all dragons of this type, he is heavily muscled and built for strength. As such, speed and agility are not his strong points. He also doesn't appear to be among the brightest of dragons either. Cyrano is more at home bashing down a wall or towing a heavy load than he is at running in a race or fighting. He seems well suited to Parmon who doesn't seem to have much interest in racing himself and would prefer to avoid fighting altogether. Cyrano normally uses green ramming to stabilize his demolition skills. Cyrano is slow, steady and reliable.

Cyrano was once influenced by the blue bonemark, Samurox and because he is a green draconium dragon, he had to absorb blue draconium gear to stabilize the differences in his mag energy between blue and green. And when he had enough blue draconium energy to truly release the power of the bonemark, he became the Samurox.


A Psi-class pure black draconium dragon, (she was changed in "Darkness Falls") Decepshun is a dragon to be reckoned with. Her human is Moordryd Paynn, leader of the Dragon Eyes.

Decepshun is fiercely loyal to her crew and her master. She is treated quite kindly by Moordryd, and thus, both have become close as dragon and rider. Decepshun is known to have Green Ramming Gear, White Rappelling Gear, Red thruster gear and often Black Shadow Gear equipped. At times she can be very feisty, and when Moordryd’s in trouble, will do even the most unpredictable of things to help him out. She is intelligent, quick and powerful, and knows martial arts and Psi.

Decepshun is a slim, dark purple dragon with a lavender purple underbelly and accentuated lips. Like most Dragon City dragons, she stands on four legs. Her name is a play on the word Deception which means to deceive.

Recently due to an accident in "Darkness Falls" with one of Word Paynn's black draconium devices to turn dragon eggs into pure black draconium dragons, Decepshun was mutated to gain the ability to transform into a pure black dragon, in this form she becomes black with glowing purple designs and gains fins on the back of her legs and tail similar to Beau. When Moordryd becomes the Shadow Booster, Decepshun's ability to transform into this pure black state becomes easier to control. But in "The Eye of the Dragon" she absorbed the Vysox bonemark and has developed a complete mind of her own, not completely obeying her master. At times it is also shown as if she is under the control of the bone mark. She may not follow direct orders from Moordryd, which may become a problem in later episodes. When she unleashed her powerful self she takes the form of a black and maroon dragon with spikes and in this form, she looks much more powerful and vicious.


Fracshun is a blue dragon ridden by Lance, and like Lance, appears to be young. It seems likely that Fracshun and Lance are the same age (10 years old). Like Lance, Fracshun is enthusiastic but lacks experience. Agility seems to be one of his strong points. Though bigger dragons like Beau and Wyldfyr can outrun him, Fracshun is nimble and quick in his own right. Fracshun is the smallest dragon in the team and is a loyal friend to Lance. He will help Lance whenever he can and contributes to the story the most in "Faster than Fear." He doesn't appear in the show until episode 4 and nothing about his past has been revealed, though presumably he was raised by Connor and Lance at Penn Stables.

Fracshun has a design on his left flank that's very similar to the design on Lance's helmet. The design pretty much looks like a 10 year old's drawing of a dragon, so this was presumably drawn on him by Lance. The other possibility is that the design is a natural part of Fracshun's coloration and it just happens to look like a kid's drawing. If so, Lance could have then just copied it onto his helmet. Either way, Fracshun is the only dragon with a recognizable image on him.


Coershun is a Psi-class black draconium dragon who should not be taken lightly. His human is Cain, co-leader of the Dragon Eyes. Coershun is similar to his rider. He is just as strong and brute as Cain, but also is very timid. He uses intimidation, and is skilled in Psi, martial arts, agility and communication.

Coershun has a less skinny frame than Decepshun does, and has a more elaborate purple and gray design to him. He also walks on four legs. His name is a play on the word Coercion which means to persuade with evil intent.


Phorrj is a bipedal red dragon that appears to be slightly larger than Wyldfyr and seems to be the largest red dragon in the Dragon Flares crew. He also has one of the more elaborate skin patterns. He hasn't shown any of his personality on screen, but the fact that Pyrrah used what she thought was dragon control gear on Phorrj in "Into the Fire" so she could control him better suggests that he might be a bit independent-minded.

Phorrj is the first dragon we see that gets affected by a bone mark. In "Fanning the Flames" he is taken over by the spirit or energy contained in the bone mark of the Furox. When he became the Furox, his form was a hot pink dragon with fire-ish designs on him. He had large zig zag like teeth and it is shown that his eyes have a fire logo. He apparently has suffered no long-term effects from this after the bonemark was removed.


Brutaris is a large green Bull-class dragon. He has great strength and is noticeably larger than Cyrano. Speed and agility are no doubt his weak points. He looks much more wild and scarier than Cyrano but under all that, he has a good heart just like his human, Phistus. He was grateful to the Dragon Booster when he saved him in "The Chromatic Dragon," so the Dragon Booster can probably count on him as an ally in the future. In his form of being the Chromatic Dragon, he was very large, probably three, four or five times Beau's size. His body flashed different colours and his mag energy stream looked extremely powerful because it looked thick.


Shock-ra is a fast and agile blue Energy-class dragon. In the Horn of Libris race he was able to outrun all the other dragons including Beau and Coershun. He has some rather unusual fins and protrusions from his shoulders and upper back, the function of which are unknown. These give him a rather unusual look (his head kind of looks like a fish), even among other blue dragons like Fracshun and the ones we see in "Rules of Power." Unfortunately, nothing else is known about him though it can be safely assumed that he acts with honor like all of the Inner Order crew.


Gunny is a Scavenger-class light green draconium dragon. His human is Stewardd, the leader of the Keepers Crew.

Not much is known about Gunny and his personality since he has not appeared in an episode yet.

Gunny is bipedal dragon with a light green design. He is a very small dragon to suit his small rider, Stewardd. He also has long but small ears like a mouse's.


  • Voice Actor: Michael Kopsa
  • The real leader of the Prophets Crew is the deceptive Propheci. Propheci is labyrinthine and insincere, and his human was Reepyr, human leader of the Prophets.

    Though his words are harsh and devious, Propheci can be rather wise. He is a black-hearted dragon and wanted the Dragon Booster destroyed to prevent humans from controlling the dragons. Propheci is known to be extremely untrustworthy and very cunning. He is one dragon that shouldn't be taken too lightly or you might face some surprises. After Artha proved that humans and dragons can work together, he decided that he did not want to lose the control that his dragons had, and thus imprisoned Reepyr and his kin's riders in ancient and indestructible metal prisons within the lost Track of Doom. However, with the help of the Dragon Booster, Reepyr escaped and caused the Track of Doom to become unstable, sealing them in. At one time, Propheci controlled Mortis, and used him to attack Artha. In 'When Opposites Attract' Propheci took control of Stewardd.

    Propheci is bipedal dragon with a blue and orange design and a visible brain, similar in appearance to a T. rex or an Allosaurus. His name is a play-on of the word prophecy which is an omen.


    Rumbull is a very large and powerful earth-class dragon. Parmon describes him as the mightiest of such dragons on the planet. Physically, Rumbull is much larger than any of the dragons the other crews use. The only dragons we've seen that are larger than he is are Abandonn, Tyrannis Pax, Libiris and the two giant orange dragons in the Prophet's crew.

    Strength is obviously what Rumbull is all about and he is built for excavation work. Speed and agility, on the other hand, are probably his weakest abilities and he probably wouldn't do well if he raced. However, in a game like Drag Ball where strength and power play an important role, he excels and is a formidable opponent when teamed with Kawake. He and Kawake were once Drag Ball champions and were the greatest players. His name is similar to 'Rumble', a tremor or earthquake.


    Hyve is the bipedal purple Pack-class dragon ridden by Wulph. As with all purple dragons, she has a distinctly wolf-like appearance. She is distinguished from the other purple dragons in the crew by a red mark across her left eye which is similar to Wulph's.

    She is often equipped with purple energy drain whips and she works well in a team. Unfortunately, Hyve has not had an opportunity to show us much of her personality yet, so little is known about her other than that she forms a solid team with Wulph. Since she is a Pack-class dragon, one can assume that she would be fiercely loyal to Wulph.

    One of the creators of the show, Rob Travalino, stated that Hyve is actually female.


    Swavvy is a Sonic-class turquoise draconium dragon. His human is Vociferous, the leader of the Voice of the Dragon crew. Though Swavvy and Vociferous seem to work together as one, he could probably be better off with a more experienced rider than having Vociferous get his energy to drain quickly because of clumsiness. Still, Swavvy is loyal to his crew and his rider.

    Swavvy, believe it or not, is NOT the large bull-class-like dragon Vociferous used in episode 20 "Artha the Drac". He is a dragon with a dark turquoise color and a body similar to that of the Nautilus class dragons. (ex:The Dragon Fish's dragons.) He walks on four legs. His name is a play on the word suave which means sophisticated. You can see him in the episodes "The Defiants", during the fight scene, and "Cain's Mutiny", during the time where Shadow Booster attacks the Down City crews.


    Poseidos is a light blue draconium Nautilus-class dragon. His human is Marianis, the leader of the Dragon Fish Crew. Poseidos is a loyal dragon who like his rider serves to help the Dragon Booster. It is assumed Poseidos is an excellent swimmer and prefers the water to land. It is unknown if Poseidos is male or female.

    Poseidos stands on four legs and has a sleek light blue design, very similar to that of Energy Class Dragons, specifically Shock-Ra. His name is a play on the name Poseidon which is the Greek god of the sea.


    Hydive is a light blue Nautilus-class dragon. His rider is Dorsul, a member of the Dragon Fish crew. Hydive has fins coming from the back of his legs and a tail similar to Beau's. In "Chromatic Dragon" he was captured because he was the best of his class. He also showed very good agility, and being able to fight two Pack-class dragons for a while. Unlike other dragons, Hydive doesn't roar but instead makes a dolphin like sound.


    Turbulence is a white draconium Sky-class dragon. His human is Chute, the leader of the Dragon Winds Crew.

    Turbulence like his rider loves adventure and excitement and is known for his death defying stunts. Turbulence is not Chute's first dragon, her first dragon was Twystyr and it is unknown what happened to him.

    Turbulence can stand on two legs, but runs on four. He has an aerodynamic white design with blue and yellow, and his head has two thin horns, one coming up from the nose and the other pointing down from the chin to make him more dynamic. He also has a large fin at the end of his tail. His name is a play on the word turbulence which is the shaking motion sometimes experienced on a plane in flight. He is a loyal and sweet dragon, but he can be a bully at times and the horns on his head are powerful weapons.


    Bumpyrr is a Sky-class white draconium dragon. His human is Spratt, a former member of the Dragon Eyes Crew.

    Not much is known about Bumpyrr and his personality since he has not appeared in an episode yet.

    It is unclear if Spratt had Bumpyrr at the time he joined the Dragon Eyes because he was never seen using a dragon of his own.


    Abandonn is Word Paynn's powerful Black draconium Psi-class dragon. We have only seen him in his entirety in the episodes, "All Is Not Lost" and in "The Return of The Drakkus-2" and the "Battle for the Ages" episode because Drakkus is Word Paynn.

    He is immense to behold and has a tiger style Deep Violet and Orange coloring which changes to magenta and turquoise in his mutant form, two long horns projecting Triceratops-style from his head, and sinister glowing eyes. He is also extremely large, dwarfing nearly all of the other dragons.

    His name is a play on the word Abandon which means to leave behind, or Abandon as in 'abandon all hope'. He is also named after one of the moons.

    Abandonn's size is believed to be caused by training at the Academy, the same as Tyrannis Pax, Connor Penn's dragon.

    Tyrannis Pax

    Tyrannis Pax is the giant, four-armed bipedal dragon ridden by Mortis. He is a powerful dragon and Mortis indicates he has been trained in the ancient ways and that his draconium energy is very pure. While his mag energy looks as if it is the same color as Beau's, Tyrannis Pax is not a gold dragon; rather, it is a blue draconium dragon whose training in the ancient ways has resulted in his mag energy taking on a golden colour by tapping into residual gold draconium in his body. In any event, Mortis is able to channel and project his dragon's mag energy for attack and defense. This fighting style is referred to as "mag claw" and is only known to those trained in the ancient ways. Given the very high level of teamwork between Mortis and Tyrannis Pax, it appears they have worked and trained together for quite some time.

    Tyrannis Pax doesn't appear in the show until episode 25 "The Return of Drakkus, Part 1." He appears to have been living in seclusion down in the dragon temple with Mortis until then. Nothing is known about his past or how he and Mortis came to meet. It also uncertain if his two extra arms are real arms or mechanical arms from some type of gear he may have magged.

    Libris, the grey bone dragon

    Libris is believed to be the last living dragon composed of gray draconium, and can only be summoned by the Horn of Libris trophy, once kept safe in Dragon City Security. Libris can use your own Draconium energy against you, making it a threat if unstable. According to Rivett in "The Mechanist", Libris was his dragon, and Libris is not the only gray dragon out there. Rivett now plans to summon Libris again with the Horn in his custody. Libris seems to have a kind attitude, and is said to have helped the Dragon Booster in the last Dragon-Human war.

    Libris resembles a gigantic, living dragon skeleton. He is the only dragon that looks like this. His name is probably derived from the Latin word for "book".

    Chromatic Dragon

    This is one of Word Paynn's many twisted creations, and not a true bonemark dragon. Word creates an artificial prism bonemark, which he places on Brutaris, fusing the power of all of the bone colors with him. Brutaris was transformed into a gigantic, mutated creature that shifted colors and was rather distorted, with its right foot still keeping shape of a hoof and its left foot being clawed. Artha and Beau still managed to shatter the bonemark and save Brutaris, making it impossible for Word to create another artificial gold dragon.

    The Chromatic Dragon was made by the help of all the best dragons in every color, excluding the gray dragon, Libris. How Word managed to get his hands on Propheci is unknown...

    This twisted, fiendish creature is a very powerful one and since it possessed all the draconium colors, it cannot be defeated by physical means. The only way to defeat this creature is to shatter the bone-mark upon its head.

    The Furox

    Furox is the dragon spirit hidden within the red draconium bonemark. The Furox bonemark is shaped like a spurt of flame and is ironically the Dragon Flares crew insignia. The Furox is the dragon of war and once the Bonemark is placed upon a dragon, the full ferocity of the Furox shows through by enhancing the victims into a beast with red eyes and golden-orange spikes.

    The Furox first controlled Pyrrah and Phorrj, but thanks to Beau was thrown off. Moordryd, however, was in the citadel containing the bonemark, and seized it with his own desires. After Artha as the Dragon Booster dared Moordryd to ride Beau, Moordryd places it upon Beau, and both were victims to the Furox's control. The Furox was later absorbed by Beau after he was released by its influence.

    The Samurox

    Samurox is the dragon spirit hidden within the blue draconium bonemark. The Samurox bonemark is in the shape of a lightning bolt or a symbol for energy which is the Inner Order's crew insignia. The Samurox makes his only appearance in "The Rules of Power" where he was meant to be placed on Shock-ra, but was placed on Cyrano. Samurox is referred to as king of the fighter dragons, which implies he is stronger than Furox. Samurox is a dark blue color with white spikes and lightning markings all over his body.

    Wraith Dragons

    Wraith dragons are under the control of a type of black draconium gear, and have invisibility gear on them. Wraith dragons are more of victims to Word than villains, as they are dragons stolen and controlled to do what Word wants them to do. They can turn invisible and the best types are the swift and stealthy. Word sometimes uses these for spying and traps, but occasionally provides several for Moordryd whenever necessary.

    These dragons actually are very intelligent and they closely resemble Velociraptors. They are most likely to be Red and white dragons controlled with wraith gear. They are jet black with neon yellow eyes. They emit loud high pitched screeches when frightened or when sent to do orders from Word. They are also very fast and difficult to attack unless the dragons themselves are outnumbered.

    One time, in episode 8 "Three Times a Hero", it is shown that Word was spying on Dragon Booster and Kitt Wonn using a Bull-Class Wraith Dragon. Rarely anymore Bull-Class wraiths have been used possibly because they aren't as stealthy as 2-legged and skinny 4-legged dragons.

    In "Slithercorp", Word placed Human wraith gear on racers, taking control of both dragons and humans, and their leader became Kitt. The Dragon Booster and Beau destroyed Word's transmitter and freed the racers.

    Pure Black Draconium Dragons

    These dragons were seen in "Darkness Falls". Embryonic dragons still in their shells were turned from red to black by a strange pod that was made by Word. The destructive and violent dragons were tested on the Penn Racing Crew, but Parmon used the same item with some modifications to change the dragons back to their original colors (red).

    At the end of the episode, Decepshun was mutated by the radiation pod. When she bent down to inspect the pod, it exploded, releasing the energy upon her, thus she was transformed into a pure black draconium dragon that can shift from her normal appearance to her mutated appearance (like Beau). Once Decepshun's rider Moordryd found the gauntlet that fits his amulet, Decepshun was more easily able to transform to her pure black state, like Beau transforms from blue to black and gold.

    8 Pure black dragons were seen again in episode 38, "Battle for the Ages", when Armeggadon fought Mortis and Drakkus.


    These are probably the closest relative to dragons themselves, though they have no mag abilities. They are large, four-legged creatures with large heads and very large mouths with lots of sharp teeth. Their legs are short, holding their bodies close to the ground like an iguana, apparently so they can easily crawl through narrow caves. They are predators living in the wasteland surrounding Dragon City who prefer to dwell in caves and crevices. They appear to prey on just about anything that happens by their lair, including both dragons and humans. It is not clear if they are as intelligent as dragons or if they're just animals, but they are extremely dangerous and humans make no attempt to ride or domesticate them. Beau was able to make friends with some of them in "No Paynn, No Gain," but otherwise they are to be avoided at all costs.

    The Muhorta

    The muhorta is a vampire dragon that drains and feeds off the draconium energy in dragons. It is very large and is quite dangerous. Once a dragon is caught in its tentacles, it has no hope of breaking free until its energy is completely drained. Like vampire bats, it seems the muhorta will let the dragon go once it has drained its energy in the hope that it can feed off it again in the future. The Muhorta drains its energy in a painful and rapid way. How many muhorta occupy the wasteland is unclear. The Muhorta is first seen in "All is Not Lost."

    The Muhorta's whole body isn't shown but its head has four eyes, a large jaw with razor sharp fangs and it has many tentacles. The Muhorta uses its tentacles to sap the energy away. Its body is a dark reddish colour with silver-ish white patterns.

    Yellow-belly newts

    The yellow-bellied newt is a tiny harmless reptile which stands about six inches tall. It appears to be a scavenger and seems to be able to live in Dragon City quite well. Humans don't seem to be concerned about them any more than we are concerned about squirrels. These newts are obviously yellow. They have a frog-like face with bulging blue eyes and they have a tail that kind of looks like a fluffy. Newts are first seen in "Faster Than Fear."


    Crow-Drags are a type of featherless flying creature, also miscellaneous to Dragon City dragons. They resemble crows and, like many birds, are attracted to shiny objects. This is proven in "Darkness Falls", when a Crow-drag steals the gold star amulet. Luckily, Lance goes on a quest to retrieve it, and gave it back to Artha, right before a massive black dragon onslaught. They appear to be harmless although they will defend their nest from intruders.

    Tracking Dragons

    Tracking dragons are purple and green insectile dragons with wings like a dragonfly's. Extremely compact, they can be carried around in palm-sized pods and released to follow unsuspecting dragons/riders. Their large eyes feed back to the pod, enabling the owner to see their quarry. They are mostly used by the Army of the Dragon Down City Crew, although Moordryd and Parmon also employ them at various points.


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