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List of display servers

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This is a list of display servers.



  • Cygwin/X
  • EXodus
  • KDrive
  • Low Bandwidth X
  • MacX
  • Mir (display server)
  • MKS X/Server
  • Multi-Pointer X
  • RISCwindows
  • WeirdX
  • WiredX
  • X Window System
  • X-Win32
  • X.Org Server
  • X386
  • Xapollo
  • XDarwin
  • Xephyr
  • XFree86
  • Xming
  • Xmove
  • Xnews (X11 server)
  • Xpra
  • XQuartz
  • Xsgi
  • Xsun
  • Xvfb
  • XWinLogon
  • Wayland

    1 A pivotal difference between Android and the other Linux kernel-based operating systems is the C standard library: Android's libbionic is different in that it does not aim to support POSIX to the same extent as the other libraries. With the help of libhybris it is possible to run Android-only software on other Linux kernel based operating systems, as long as this software does not depend on subsystems found only in the Android-forked Linux kernel, such as binder, pmem, ashmem, etc. Whether software programmed for Linux can run on Android, depends entirely on the extent to which libbionic matches the API of the glibc.

    2 libinput provides device detection via udev, device handling, input device event processing and abstraction. libinput also provides a generic X.Org input driver. libinput support was first merged in Weston 1.5. and is also used by Mutter.


  • DirectFB
  • Mir
  • Quartz Compositor
  • SurfaceFlinger
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