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List of Swedish noble families

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This is a list of Swedish noble families, which are divided into two main groups:


  • Introduced nobility, i.e. noble families introduced at the Swedish House of Nobility
  • Unintroduced nobility, i.e. noble families which have not been introduced at the Swedish House of Nobility, mostly consisting of foreign nobility resident in Sweden, but also including some families ennobled by the Swedish monarchs and some other groups.
  • The introduced nobility is divided into three ranks: Comital families, Baronial families and untitled noble families (in addition, members of the royal family hold ducal titles).

    The unintroduced nobility consists of families of princely, ducal, marquis, comital, baronial, and untitled noble rank. This group notably includes several branches of the House of Bernadotte with foreign (princely and comital) noble titles (such as Count of Wisborg).

    The vast majority of both introduced and unintroduced noble families are untitled.

    Introduced nobility

    The introduced noble families are listed in the Palace of the Nobility according to the official numbering system which roughly corresponds to the order of introduction. Lower numbers indicate older nobility. Higher numbers indicate later introduction, and usually means that the family belongs to the younger nobility, even though introduction may occasionally not have followed immediately upon ennoblement. In the case of families of Countly or Baronial status, higher numbers indicate that it was raised to a higher title at a later point in time. Branches of the same family may have been introduced under different numbers and may appear in more than one place in the list.

    Baronial families (Friherrliga ätter)

    2211. von Börtzell-Szuch (Holds a Russian Baron title; no longer noted at the Swedish House of Lords)

    Adliga ätter (Untitled Nobility)

    This is the list of Adliga ätter officially posted by the Riddarhuset in Stockholm, Sweden

    Unintroduced nobility

    The following unintroduced noble families are included in Kalender öfver i Sverige lefvande ointroducerad adel (1886–1899), Sveriges ointroducerade adels kalender (1912–1944), and/or Kalender över Ointroducerad adels förening (1935–), which are directories of the living (at the time of publication) unintroduced nobility in Sweden and/or the membership of Ointroducerad Adels Förening.

    Princely families

  • Bernadotte (Belgian princely title awarded to Prince Carl Bernadotte)
  • Cantacuzino (boyar family, Russian princely title)
  • Ducal families

  • D'Otrante (Napoleonic nobility)
  • Marquis families

  • Joussineau de Tourdonnet (French nobility)
  • Lagergren (Papal/Italian nobility)
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