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List of All Stars Awards winners (football)

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This is a list of all past winners of the official GAA GPA All Stars Awards since the first awards in 1971. As an insight to the prominent players of the 1960s, it also includes the unofficial "Cuchulainn" awards presented from 1963 to 1967 under the auspices of Gaelic Weekly magazine.


For each year since 1995, when the official award began, the All Stars Footballer of the Year is highlighted with FOTY. If the footballer of the year did not win an All Star Award, his name is added to the list as FOTY. The unofficial Texaco Footballer of the Year, awarded since 1958, is a guide to the leading players of the past.

1963 Cú Chulainn Awards

Andy Phillips (Wicklow), Gabriel Kelly (Cavan), Noel Tierney (Galway), Pa Connolly (Kildare), Seamus Murphy (Kerry), Paddy Holden (Dublin), Martin Newell (Galway), Mick Garrett (Galway), Des Foley (Dublin), Seán O'Neill (Down), Mickey Whelan (Dublin), Tom Browne (Laois), Jimmy Whan (Armagh), Tom Long (Kerry), Pat Donnellan (Galway)

FOTY:Lar Foley (Dublin)

1964 Cú Chulainn Awards

Johnny Geraghty (Galway), Gabriel Kelly (Cavan), Noel Tierney (Galway), Peter Darby (Meath), Enda Colleran (Galway), Paddy Holden (Dublin), Frank Lynch (Louth), Mick O'Connell (Kerry), Mick Reynolds (Galway), Cyril Dunne (Galway), Mattie McDonagh (Galway), Mickey Kearns (Sligo), Seán O'Neill (Down), Charlie Gallagher (Cavan), Paddy Doherty (Down)

1965 Cú Chulainn Awards

Johnny Geraghty (Galway), Enda Colleran (Galway), Tom McCreesh (Armagh), Bosco McDermott (Galway), Donie O'Sullivan (Kerry), Paddy Holden (Dublin), Martin Newell (Galway), Mick O'Connell (Kerry), Des Foley (Dublin), Cyril Dunne (Galway), Mickey Kearns (Sligo), Seamus Leydon (Galway), Sean Murray (Longford), Seán O'Neill (Down), Paddy Doherty (Down)

1966 Cú Chulainn Awards

Johnny Geraghty (Galway), Enda Colleran (Galway), Jack Quinn (Meath), Peter Darby (Meath), Pat Collier (Meath), Mick Carolan (Kildare), Brendan Barden (Longford) Pat Donnellan (Galway), Ray Carolan (Cavan), Mickey Kearns (Sligo), Mattie McDonagh (Galway), Seamus Leydon (Galway), Pat Dunny (Kildare), Con O'Sullivan (Cork), John Keenan (Galway)

1967 Cú Chulainn Awards

Billy Morgan (Cork), Gabriel Kelly (Cavan), Jack Quinn (Meath), Seamus O'Connor (Mayo), Frank Cogan (Cork), Bertie Cunningham (Meath), Pat Reynolds (Meath), Mick Burke (Cork), Ray Carolan (Cavan), Cyril Dunne (Galway), Joe Langan (Mayo), Joe Corcoran (Mayo), Sean O'Connell (Derry), Con O'Sullivan (Cork), Seán O'Neill (Down)


No All Star Team


No All Star Team


No All Star Team

1971: First "All Star" Awards

P. J. Smyth (Galway), Johnny Carey (Mayo), Jack Cosgrove (Galway), Donie O'Sullivan (Kerry), Eugene Mulligan (Offaly), Nicholas Clavin (Offaly), Pat Reynolds (Meath), Liam Sammon (Galway), Willie Bryan (Offaly), Tony McTague (Offaly), Ray Cummins (Cork), Mickey Kearns (Sligo), Andy McCallin (Antrim), Sean O'Neill (Down), Seamus Leydon (Galway)


Martin Furlong (Offaly), Mick Ryan (Offaly), Paddy McCormack (Offaly), Donie O'Sullivan (Kerry), Brian McEniff (Donegal), Tommy Joe Gilmore (Galway), Kevin Jer O'Sullivan (Cork), Willie Bryan (Offaly), Mick O'Connell (Kerry), Johnny Cooney (Offaly), Kevin Kilmurray (Offaly), Tony McTague (Offaly), Mickey Freyne (Roscommon), Sean O'Neill (Down), Paddy Moriarty (Armagh)


Billy Morgan (Cork), Frank Cogan (Cork), Mick Ryan (Offaly), Brian Murphy (Cork), Liam O'Neill (Galway), Tommy Joe Gilmore (Galway), Kevin Jer O'Sullivan (Cork), John O'Keeffe (Kerry), Dinny Long (Cork), Johnny Cooney (Offaly), Kevin Kilmurray (Offaly), Liam Sammon (Galway), Jimmy Barry Murphy Cork), Ray Cummins (Cork), Anthony McGurk (Derry)


Paddy Cullen (Dublin), Donal Monaghan (Donegal), Sean Doherty (Dublin), Robbie Kelleher (Dublin), Paddy Reilly (Dublin), Barnes Murphy (Sligo), Johnny Hughes (Galway), Dermot Earley (Roscommon), Paudie Lynch (Kerry), Tom Naughton (Galway), Declan Barron (Cork), David Hickey (Dublin), Jimmy Barry Murphy (Cork), Jimmy Keaveney (Dublin), Johnny Tobin (Galway)


Paudie O'Mahony (Kerry), Gay O'Driscoll (Dublin), John O'Keeffe (Kerry), Robbie Kelleher (Dublin), Peter Stevenson (Derry), Anthony McGurk (Derry), Ger Power (Kerry), Dinny Long (Cork), Colm McAlarney (Down), Gerry McElhinney (Derry), Ken Rennicks (Meath), Mickey O'Sullivan (Kerry), John Egan (Kerry), Matt Kerrigan (Meath), Anton O'Toole (Dublin)


Paddy Cullen (Dublin), Ger O'Keeffe (Kerry), John O'Keeffe (Kerry), Brian Murphy (Cork), Johnny Hughes (Galway), Kevin Moran (Dublin), Ger Power (Kerry), Brian Mullins (Dublin), Dave McCarthy (Cork), Anton O'Toole (Dublin), Tony Hanahoe (Dublin), David Hickey (Dublin), Bobby Doyle (Dublin), Mikey Sheehy (Kerry), Pat Spillane (Kerry)


Paddy Cullen (Dublin), Gay O'Driscoll (Dublin), Pat Lindsay (Roscommon), Robbie Kelleher (Dublin), Tommy Drumm (Dublin), Paddy Moriarty (Armagh), Pat O'Neill (Dublin), Brian Mullins (Dublin), Joe Kernan (Armagh), Anton O'Toole (Dublin), Jimmy Smith (Armagh), Pat Spillane (Kerry), Bobby Doyle (Dublin), Jimmy Keaveney (Dublin), John Egan (Kerry)


Ollie Crinnigan (Kildare), Harry Keegan (Roscommon), John O'Keeffe (Kerry), Robbie Kelleher (Dublin), Tommy Drumm (Dublin), Ollie Brady (Cavan), Paudie Lynch (Kerry), Colm McAlarney (Down), Richie Connor (Offaly), Ger Power (Kerry), Declan Barron (Cork), Pat Spillane (Kerry), Mikey Sheehy (Kerry), Jimmy Keaveney (Dublin), John Egan (Kerry)


Paddy Cullen (Dublin), Eugene Hughes (Monaghan), John O'Keeffe (Kerry), Tom Heneghan (Roscommon), Tommy Drumm (Dublin), Tim Kennelly (Kerry), Danny Murray (Roscommon), Dermot Earley (Roscommon), Bernard Brogan (Dublin), Ger Power (Kerry), Seán Walsh (Kerry), Pat Spillane (Kerry), Mikey Sheehy (Kerry), Seán Lowry (Offaly), Joe McGrath (Mayo)


Charlie Nelligan (Kerry), Harry Keegan (Roscommon), Kevin Kehilly (Cork), Gerry Connellan (Roscommon), Kevin McCabe (Tyrone), Tim Kennelly (Kerry), Danny Murray (Roscommon), Jack O'Shea (Kerry), Colm McKinstry (Armagh), Ger Power (Kerry), Dinny Allen (Cork), Pat Spillane (Kerry), Matt Connor (Offaly), Eoin Liston (Kerry), John Egan (Kerry)


Martin Furlong (Offaly), Jimmy Deenihan (Kerry), Paddy Kennedy (Down), Paudie Lynch (Kerry), Páidí Ó Sé (Kerry), Richie Connor (Offaly), Seamus McHugh (Galway), Jack O'Shea (Kerry), Seán Walsh (Kerry), Barry Brennan (Galway), Ogie Moran (Kerry), Pat Spillane (Kerry), Mikey Sheehy (Kerry), Eoin Liston (Kerry), Brendan Lowry (Offaly)


Martin Furlong (Offaly), Mick Fitzgerald (Offaly), Liam Connor (Offaly), Kevin Kehily (Cork), Páidí Ó Sé (Kerry), Seán Lowry (Offaly), Liam Currams (Offaly), Jack O'Shea (Kerry), Padraig Dunne (Offaly), Peter McGinnity (Fermanagh), Joe Kernan (Armagh), Matt Connor (Offaly), Mikey Sheehy (Kerry), Eoin Liston (Kerry), John Egan (Kerry)


Martin Furlong (Offaly), Páidí Ó Sé (Kerry), Stephen Kinneavy (Galway), John Evans (Cork), Pat Canavan (Dublin), Tommy Drumm (Dublin), Jimmy Kerrigan (Cork), Jack O'Shea (Kerry), Liam Austin (Down), Barney Rock (Dublin), Matt Connor (Offaly), Greg Blaney (Down), Martin McHugh (Donegal), Colm O'Rourke (Meath), Joe McNally (Dublin)


John O'Leary (Dublin), Páidí Ó Sé (Kerry), Mick Lyons (Meath), Seamus McHugh (Galway), Tommy Doyle (Kerry), Tom Spillane (Kerry), P.J. Buckley (Dublin), Jack O'Shea (Kerry), Eugene McKenna (Tyrone), Barney Rock (Dublin), Eoin Liston (Kerry), Pat Spillane (Kerry), Mikey Sheehy (Kerry), Frank McGuigan (Tyrone), Dermot McNicholl (Derry).


John O'Leary (Dublin), Páidí Ó Sé (Kerry), Gerry Hargan (Dublin), Mick Spillane (Kerry), Tommy Doyle (Kerry), Ciarán Murray (Monaghan), Dermot Flanagan (Mayo), Jack O'Shea (Kerry), Willie Joe Padden (Mayo), Barney Rock (Dublin), Tommy Conroy (Dublin), Pat Spillane (Kerry), Kevin McStay (Mayo), Paul Earley (Roscommon), Eugene Hughes(Monaghan)


Charlie Nelligan (Kerry), Harry Keegan (Roscommon), Mick Lyons (Meath), John Lynch (Tyrone), Tommy Doyle (Kerry), Tom Spillane (Kerry), Colm Browne (Laois), Plunkett Donaghy (Tyrone), Liam Irwin (Laois), Ray McCarron (Monaghan), Eugene McKenna (Tyrone), Pat Spillane(Kerry), Mikey Sheehy (Kerry), Damien O'Hagan (Tyrone), Ger Power (Kerry)


John Kearns (Cork), Robbie O'Malley (Meath), Colman Corrigan (Cork), Tony Scullion (Derry), Niall Cahalane (Cork), Tom Spillane (Kerry), Ger Lynch (Kerry), Brian McGilligan (Derry), Gerry McEntee (Meath), David Beggy (Meath), Larry Tompkins (Cork), Kieran Duff (Dublin), Val Daly (Galway), Brian Stafford (Meath), Bernard Flynn (Meath)


Paddy Linden (Monaghan), Robbie O'Malley (Meath), Colman Corrigan (Cork), Mick Kennedy (Dublin), Niall Cahalane (Cork), Noel McCaffrey (Dublin), Martin O'Connell (Meath), Shea Fahy (Cork), Liam Hayes (Meath), Maurice Fitzgerald (Kerry), Larry Tompkins (Cork), Kieran Duff (Dublin), Colm O'Rourke (Meath), Brian Stafford (Meath), Eugene Hughes (Monaghan)


Gabriel Irwin (Mayo), Jimmy Browne (Mayo), Gerry Hargan (Dublin), Dermot Flanagan (Mayo), Connie Murphy (Kerry), Conor Counihan (Cork), Tony Davis (Cork), Teddy McCarthy (Cork), Willie Joe Padden (Mayo), Dave Barry (Cork), Larry Tompkins (Cork), Noel Durkin (Mayo), Paul McGrath (Cork), Eugene McKenna (Tyrone), Tony McManus (Roscommon)


John Kearns (Cork), Robbie O'Malley (Meath), Stephen O'Brien (Cork), Terry Ferguson (Meath), Michael Slocum (Cork), Conor Counihan (Cork), Martin O'Connell (Meath), Shea Fahy (Cork), Mickey Quinn (Leitrim), David Beggy (Meath), Val Daly (Galway), Joyce McMullan (Donegal), Paul McGrath (Cork), Kevin O'Brien (Wicklow), James McCartan, Junior (Down)


Michael McQuillan (Meath), Mick Deegan (Dublin), Conor Deegan (Down), Enon Gavin (Roscommon), Tommy Carr (Dublin), Keith Barr (Dublin), Martin O'Connell (Meath), Barry Breen (Down), Martin Lynch (Kildare), Ross Carr (Down), Greg Blaney (Down), Tommy Dowd (Meath), Colm O'Rourke (Meath), Brian Stafford (Meath), Bernard Flynn (Meath)


Gary Walsh (Donegal), Seamus Clancy (Clare), Matt Gallagher (Donegal), Tony Scullion (Derry), Paul Curran (Dublin), Martin Gavigan (Donegal), Eamon Heery (Dublin), Anthony Molloy (Donegal), T.J.Kilgallon (Mayo), Anthony Tohill (Derry), Martin McHugh (Donegal), James McHugh (Donegal), Tony Boyle (Donegal), Vinny Murphy (Dublin), Enda Gormley (Derry)


John O'Leary (Dublin), John Joe Doherty (Donegal), Dermot Deasy (Dublin), Tony Scullion (Derry), Johnny McGurk (Derry), Henry DowneyFOTY (Derry), Gary Coleman (Derry), Anthony Tohill (Derry), Brian McGilligan (Derry), Kevin O'Neill (Mayo), Joe Kavanagh (Cork), Charlie Redmond (Dublin), Colin Corkery (Cork), Ger Houlahan (Armagh), Enda Gormley (Derry)


John O'Leary (Dublin), Michael Magill (Down), Seamus Quinn (Leitrim), Paul Higgins (Down), Graham Geraghty (Meath), Stephen O'Brien (Cork), D. J. Kane (Down), Jack Sheedy (Dublin), Gregory McCartan (Down), Peter Canavan (Tyrone), Greg Blaney (Down), James McCartan, Junior (Down), Mickey Linden (Down), Tommy Dowd (Meath), Charlie Redmond (Dublin)


John O'Leary (Dublin), Tony Scullion (Derry), Mark O'Connor (Cork), Fay Devlin (Tyrone), Paul Curran (Dublin), Keith Barr (Dublin), Stephen O'Brien (Cork), Brian Stynes (Dublin), Anthony Tohill (Derry), Jarlath Fallon (Galway), Dessie Farrell (Dublin), Paul Clarke (Dublin), Tommy Dowd (Meath), Peter CanavanFOTY (Tyrone), Charlie Redmond (Dublin)


Finbar McConnell (Tyrone), Kenneth Mortimer (Mayo), Darren Fay (Meath), Martin O'ConnellFOTY (Meath), Pat Holmes (Mayo), James Nallen (Mayo), Paul Curran (Dublin), John McDermott (Meath), Liam McHale (Mayo), Trevor Giles (Meath), Tommy Dowd (Meath), James Horan (Mayo), Joe Brolly (Derry), Peter Canavan (Tyrone), Maurice Fitzgerald (Kerry)


Declan O'Keeffe (Kerry), Kenneth Mortimer (Mayo), Davy Dalton (Kildare), Cathal Daly (Offaly), Séamus Moynihan (Kerry), Glenn Ryan (Kildare), Eamonn Breen (Kerry), Pat Fallon (Mayo), Niall Buckley (Kildare), Pa Laide (Kerry), Trevor Giles (Meath), Dermot McCabe (Cavan), Joe Brolly (Derry), Brendan Reilly (Meath), Maurice FitzgeraldFOTY (Kerry)


Martin McNamara (Galway), Brian Lacey (Kildare), Seán Marty Lockhart (Derry), Tomas Mannion (Galway), John Finn (Kildare), Glenn Ryan (Kildare), Seán Óg De Paor (Galway), John McDermott (Meath), Kevin Walsh (Galway), Michael DonnellanFOTY (Galway), Ja Fallon (Galway), Dermot Earley (Kildare), Karl O'Dwyer (Kildare), Pádraic Joyce (Galway), Declan Browne (Tipperary)


Kevin O'Dwyer (Cork), Mark O’Reilly (Meath), Darren Fay (Meath), Anthony Lynch (Cork), Ciaran O'Sullivan (Cork), Kieran McGeeney (Armagh), Paddy Reynolds (Meath), John McDermott (Meath), Ciarán Whelan (Dublin), Diarmuid Marsden (Armagh), Trevor GilesFOTY (Meath), James Horan (Mayo), Philip Clifford (Cork), Graham Geraghty (Meath), Ollie Murphy (Meath)


Declan O'Keeffe (Kerry), Kieran McKeever (Derry), Séamus Moynihan (Kerry), Michael McCarthy (Kerry), Declan Meehan (Galway), Kieran McGeeney (Armagh), Anthony Rainbow (Kildare), Anthony Tohill (Derry), Darragh Ó Sé (Kerry), Michael Donnellan (Galway), Liam Hassett (Kerry), Oisín McConville (Armagh), Mike Frank Russell (Kerry), Pádraic Joyce (Galway), Derek Savage (Galway)

FOTY:Séamus Moynihan (Kerry)


Cormac Sullivan (Meath), Kieran Fitzgerald (Galway), Darren Fay (Meath), Coman Goggins (Dublin), Declan Meehan (Galway), Francie Grehan (Roscommon), Seán Óg De Paor (Galway), Kevin Walsh (Galway), Rory O'Connell (Westmeath), Evan Kelly (Meath), Stephen O'Neill (Tyrone), Michael Donnellan (Galway), Ollie Murphy (Meath), Pádraic JoyceFOTY (Galway), Johnny Crowley (Kerry)


Stephen Cluxton (Dublin), Enda McNulty (Armagh), Paddy Christie (Dublin), Anthony Lynch (Cork), Aidan O'Rourke (Armagh), Kieran McGeeneyFOTY (Armagh), Kevin Cassidy (Donegal), Darragh Ó Sé (Kerry), Paul McGrane (Armagh), Steven McDonnell (Armagh), Eamonn O'Hara (Sligo), Oisín McConville (Armagh), Peter Canavan (Tyrone), Ray Cosgrove (Dublin), Colm Cooper (Kerry)


Fergal Byron (Laois), Francis Bellew (Armagh), Cormac McAnallen (Tyrone), Joe Higgins (Laois), Conor Gormley (Tyrone), Tom Kelly (Laois), Phillip Jordan (Tyrone), Kevin Walsh (Galway), Sean Cavanagh (Tyrone), Brian Dooher (Tyrone), Brian McGuigan (Tyrone), Declan Browne (Tipperary), Steven McDonnellFOTY (Armagh), Peter Canavan (Tyrone), Adrian Sweeney (Donegal)


Diarmuid Murphy (Kerry), Tom O'Sullivan (Kerry), Barry Owens (Fermanagh), Michael McCarthy (Kerry), Tomás Ó SéFOTY (Kerry), James Nallen (Mayo), John Keane (Westmeath), Martin McGrath (Fermanagh), Sean Cavanagh (Tyrone), Paul Galvin (Kerry), Ciarán McDonald (Mayo), Dessie Dolan (Westmeath), Colm Cooper (Kerry), Enda Muldoon (Derry), Mattie Forde (Wexford)


Diarmuid Murphy (Kerry), Ryan McMenamin (Tyrone), Michael McCarthy (Kerry), Andy Mallon (Armagh), Tomás Ó Sé (Kerry), Conor Gormley (Tyrone), Phillip Jordan (Tyrone), Sean Cavanagh (Tyrone), Paul McGrane (Armagh), Brian Dooher (Tyrone), Peter Canavan (Tyrone), Eoin Mulligan (Tyrone), Colm Cooper (Kerry), Stephen O'NeillFOTY (Tyrone), Steven McDonnell (Armagh)


Stephen Cluxton (Dublin); Marc Ó Sé (Kerry), Barry Owens (Fermanagh), Karl Lacey (Donegal); Séamus Moynihan (Kerry), Ger Spillane (Cork), Aidan O'Mahony (Kerry); Nicholas Murphy (Cork), Darragh Ó Sé (Kerry); Paul Galvin (Kerry), Alan Brogan (Dublin), Alan Dillon (Mayo), Conor Mortimer (Mayo), Kieran DonaghyFOTY (Kerry), Rónán Clarke (Armagh).


Stephen Cluxton (Dublin); Marc Ó SéFOTY (Kerry), Kevin McCloy (Derry), Graham Canty (Cork); Tomás Ó Sé (Kerry), Aidan O'Mahony (Kerry), Barry Cahill (Dublin); Ciarán Whelan (Dublin), Darragh Ó Sé (Kerry); Stephen Bray (Meath), Declan O'Sullivan (Kerry), Alan Brogan (Dublin); Colm Cooper (Kerry), Paddy Bradley (Derry), Tomás Freeman (Monaghan).


Gary Connaughton (Westmeath), Conor Gormley (Tyrone), Justin McMahon (Tyrone), John Keane (Westmeath), David Harte (Tyrone), Tomás Ó Sé (Kerry), Phillip Jordan (Tyrone), Enda McGinley (Tyrone), Shane Ryan (Dublin), Brian Dooher (Tyrone), Declan O'Sullivan (Kerry), Sean CavanaghFOTY(Tyrone), Colm Cooper (Kerry), Kieran Donaghy (Kerry), Rónán Clarke (Armagh).


Diarmuid Murphy (Kerry), Karl Lacey (Donegal), Michael Shields (Cork), Tom O'Sullivan (Kerry), Tomás Ó Sé (Kerry), Graham Canty (Cork), John Miskella (Cork), Dermot Earley (Kildare), Séamus Scanlon (Kerry), Paul GalvinFOTY (Kerry), Pearse O'Neill (Cork), Tadhg Kennelly (Kerry), Daniel Goulding (Cork), Declan O'Sullivan (Kerry), Stephen O'Neill (Tyrone).


Brendan McVeigh (Down), Peter Kelly (Kildare), Michael Shields (Cork), Charlie Harrison (Sligo), Paudie Kissane (Cork), Graham Canty (Cork), Phillip Jordan (Tyrone), Paddy Keenan (Louth), Aidan Walsh (Cork), Daniel Hughes (Down), Martin Clarke (Down), John Doyle (Kildare), Colm Cooper (Kerry), Bernard BroganFOTY (Dublin), Benny Coulter (Down)

2011: First GAA GPA "All-Star" Awards

     Player has previously been selected.

County breakdown
  • Dublin = 6
  • Kerry = 4
  • Donegal = 3
  • Mayo = 1
  • Kildare = 1
  • 2012

         Player has previously been selected.

    County breakdown
  • Donegal = 8
  • Mayo = 4
  • Cork = 2
  • Dublin = 1
  •      Player has previously been selected.

    County breakdown
  • Dublin = 6
  • Mayo = 4
  • Monaghan = 2
  • Kerry = 2
  • Tyrone = 1
  •      Player has previously been selected.

    County breakdown
  • Kerry= 5
  • Donegal= 4
  • Dublin= 3
  • Mayo= 3
  •      Player has previously been selected.

    County breakdown
  • Dublin= 7
  • Kerry= 4
  • Mayo= 2
  • Tyrone= 1
  • Monaghan= 1
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         Player has previously been selected.

    County breakdown
  • Dublin = 6
  • Mayo = 4
  • Tyrone = 2
  • Donegal = 1
  • Kerry = 1
  • Tipperary = 1
  • Summary

    By the end of 2013, 387 different footballers had received awards. For those with the highest numbers of awards, see GAA GPA All Stars Awards. Players are from the following counties:

  • Kerry, 50
  • Dublin, 43
  • Cork, 32
  • Meath, 25
  • Mayo, 25
  • Armagh, 24
  • Donegal, 23
  • Down, 23
  • Galway, 23
  • Tyrone, 22
  • Derry, 17
  • Offaly, 17
  • Kildare, 13
  • Roscommon, 11
  • Monaghan, 9
  • Laois, 5
  • Sligo, 4
  • Westmeath, 4
  • Fermanagh, 3
  • Cavan, 2
  • Leitrim, 2
  • Louth, 2
  • Wicklow, 1
  • Antrim, 1
  • Tipperary, 1
  • Clare, 1
  • Wexford, 1
  • Carlow, Kilkenny**, Longford, Waterford, Limerick and London have not had a football award winner.

    ** Kilkenny no longer compete in the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship


    List of All Stars Awards winners (football) Wikipedia