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Linsen mit Spätzle

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Linsen mit Spätzle (lentils with Swabian pasta), normally accompanied with wiener sausages, is a traditional Swabian dish that is by many Swabians considered the Swabian national meal in the south western region of Germany.


Linsen mit Spätzle Linsen mit Sptzle und Saitenwrstchen Rezept mit Bild Chefkochde

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Linsen mit Spätzle Linsen und Sptzle mit Saiten Rezept mit Bild von woschla

The dish originated - like many typically Swabian dishes - as a meal for the poor. While meat was too expensive for the major part of the Swabian population, lentils were a popular and nutritious staple food which could be stored during winter.

Linsen mit Spätzle Linsen und sptzle Rezepte Chefkochde

Today this winter dish is on the menu of many traditional Swabian restaurants. Aside from that, it is a popular meal in company staff canteens and university cafeterias. It is also a popular dish for cooking at home.

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