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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Linophryne
Higher classification  Leftvent
Order  Anglerfish
Family  Linophrynidae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
Linophryne httpsc1staticflickrcom984458009878465a3e8
Similar  Linophryne arborifera, Leftvent, Anglerfish, Borophryne apogon, Deep‑sea anglerfishes

Linophryne is a genus of leftvents, commonly called the "bearded seadevils."



There are currently 22 recognized species in this genus:

Linophryne Linophryne
  • Linophryne algibarbata Waterman, 1939
  • Linophryne andersoni Gon, 1992
  • Linophryne arborifera Regan, 1925
  • Linophryne arcturi Beebe, 1926
  • Linophryne argyresca Regan & Trewavas, 1932
  • Linophryne bicornis A. E. Parr, 1927
  • Linophryne bipennata Bertelsen, 1982
  • Linophryne brevibarbata Beebe, 1932
  • Linophryne coronata A. E. Parr, 1927
  • Linophryne densiramus S. Imai, 1941 (Thickbranch angler)
  • Linophryne escaramosa Bertelsen, 1982
  • Linophryne indica A. B. Brauer, 1902 (Headlight angler)
  • Linophryne lucifer Collett, 1886
  • Linophryne macrodon Regan, 1925
  • Linophryne maderensis Maul, 1961
  • Linophryne parini Bertelsen, 1980
  • Linophryne pennibarbata Bertelsen, 1980
  • Linophryne polypogon Regan, 1925
  • Linophryne quinqueramosus Beebe & Crane, 1947
  • Linophryne racemifera Regan & Trewavas, 1932
  • Linophryne sexfilis Bertelsen, 1973
  • Linophryne trewavasae Bertelsen, 1978
  • Fossil Record

    Linophryne NOVA Online Into the Abyss Linophryne arborifera

    A fossil of what may be L. indica was found in Late Miocene strate of Los Angeles, California, along with a fossil of the related Borophryne apogon, during the construction of a metrorail.

    Linophryne Illuminated netdevil Linophryne arborifera


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