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Linh Nga

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Full Name  Nguyen Linh Nga
Children  Anna Linh, Mary Linh
Role  Film director
Movies  Xuoi nguoc duong tran
Years active  1987–present
Name  Linh Nga
Spouse  Thuyet Buon Vua
Siblings  Linh Duy Nguyen
Linh Nga healthplusvnImagesUploadedShare20130809615
Born  January 3, 1982 (age 34) (1982-01-03) Hanoi, Vietnam
Occupation  Film director, actor, screenwriter, news anchor
Parents  Quang Duy Nguyen, Thuy Bich Thi Le
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Nguyen Linh Nga (lin-NA; born January 3, 1982), also known as Linh Nga, Lina Nga Nguyen is a Vietnamese Film director, actress,screenwriter, and news anchor.


Linh Nga Linh Nga cht vai 39nng th39 ca Mnh Cng XZone

Biography and career

Born in Ha Noi City, in the north of Vietnam to parents who separated when she was 10. Her father Quang Duy Nguyen is a music composer, her mother Thuy Bich Thi Le is an opera singer, her older brother Linh Duy Nguyen is a dance composer. As a child, Linh Nga had a very difficult and unstable home life. When she was 9 years old, her father left her mother to pursue his passion for music. As a result, the family moved a great many times. Linh Nga said "My dad had been abandoned by the people who loved him most. Living the artist's life is like walking on a side of a leaf. The typical course trod by the artist is one of struggle, disappointment, loneliness, and financial want."

Linh Nga m con hai thng Linh Nga nh g MegaFun Cng gii

Linh Nga began her career on stage at the very early age. She often sang and performed at friends and family functions and was part of local song and dance troupe. In 1990 when she was 8 years old, Linh Nga earned her first award for City's Best Young Voice. Two years later, Linh Nga joined the Club of Love (Cau lac bo tinh thuong), a registered charity group, formed by Tuong Vi singer. She has lent her talent as singing and dancing in raising funds for the Club of Love for years. Linh Nga began her professional dancing career at the age of 10. In 1992, she attended VietNam Academy of Dance (Truong Cao Dang mua Viet Nam), where she achieved artistic and academic high honors upon graduation.

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Linh Nga's career as a face model for magazines was discovered at the age of 13 by a newspaper photographer, when he noticed Linh Nga at work during her dancing performance at Vietnam Academy of Dance and took a picture of her. The photo and positive feedback she received were enough to convince her to take up her career as an inspiring face model. The Dep (Dep) modeling magazine then started representing her. In 1996 and 1997, Linh Nga won her second award for Hanoi's Student Best Pop Vocal Performance.

Linh Nga Linh Nga tuyt p vi gam mu ging sinh Soha

In 1999, Linh Nga graduated from the VietNam Academy of Dance with a BA degree. Later in 1999, Linh Nga was introduced by Giang Son, a music composer to Five Lines Band and Son invited her to provide vocals for the band that Son was forming. In January 2000, the Five Lines band released its self-titled debut album Ngay Ban Mai but failed to garner success until 2005. In March 2000, Linh Nga left the Five Lines band in order to pursue her career in film directing. Nothing could be further from the truth, it was Linh Nga who decided to walk away from it all. Linh Nga made her film debut with a small supporting role in a romance drama Khoang cach(The distance) (1999), directed by Vietnamese famous female director Bach Diep. The success of Khoang cach brought her to public attention and made her a Hanoi actress darling.

Linh Nga ng tnh ln n ca 2 ngi p Linh Nga Gii tr

In 2000, at the age of 18, Nga passed the exam of Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema and started studying film directing program at this college. Linh Nga wrote, directed and acted in her first film "Xuoi nguoc duong tran" in 2001. In 2002, "Xuoi nguoc duong tran" earned National Television Award for Best Television Series of 2002. In 2006, Linh Nga graduated and set a new record in Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema's history for first time 9.7 points directing earner with the film Quynh. During this time, Nga also worked for Vietnam Television Station as an actress in successful Television series. In 2006, Nga decided to go abroad for her dream with films and successfully applied to Chapman University with MFA (Master of Fine Art) of Film Production with Sound Design emphasis. Linh Nga is currently working for Vietface TV (a television station of Thuy Nga Paris by night production) as a professionally well-known news anchor, host, MC, and performer.

The MFA degree and 9669 Films

Linh Nga 2nguoideptenNgavanhungtrunghopkylajpg

In May 2014, Linh Nga Nguyen graduated from Chapman University with MFA degree in Film Production with sound design emphasis. Simultaneously, Nga founded her first film company in the United State in 2014, named 9669 Films.

Business ventures

Linh Nga was a founding "Linh Nga Communication and Trading Company Lmt" in Hanoi in 2003 along with her brother Linh Duy Nguyen. The film company closed in 2010 as Linh Nga left Vietnam in 2006 and she could not operate the company properly. She was also a founder of some restaurants in Hanoi during the time of 2002-2005.

Sudden appearance after 10 years

In July 2015, Linh Nga suddenly appeared on streets of Hanoi and Saigon, Vietnam. Her sudden appearance immediately provoked waves of press and public. Promptly, there's widespread newspapers, magazines, and news about Linh Nga with so many positive compliments. This is a great sign for the success of Linh Nga and her comeback.

Personal life

Linh Nga reportedly had a romantic but heartbreaking love story with Thuyet Tran, nickname Thuyet Buon Vua, means a master tactician and principal advisor for Kings. Linh Nga and Thuyet is one of the most prestigious and powerful couples of Hanoi in 2000, especially after their engagement. However, shortly afterwards, Thuyet was arrested and sentenced 20 years in prison related to Nam Cam case, the case has been ranked as one of the largest criminal cases in the history of Vietnam in 100 years. Subsequently, the most intensive social storms were dumped up all over Linh Nga. From the story Linh Nga engaged to Thuyet, the doubts about her success with the potent support of the underworld. Her life and successful career were thrown into the abyss of grief and loss. According to the latest media reports, she was married but doesn't has a happy marriage as she expected. However, there was no more any official news about the recent marriage of Linh Nga.

In July 2015, Linh Nga came back to Vietnam visiting her family and getting prepare for her 2017 action movie. 10 years passed before Linh Nga directed again. During massive interviews by almost all Vietnam press, Linh Nga admitted her recent marriage is ended, she's now a single mother of the two daughters Anna Linh and Mary Linh. At the same time, Linh Nga described her deep feeling for the love with Thuyet years ago.

Another Linh Nga

Many people confused the two of artists who both use the professional name Linh Nga. The remaining artist is dancer Linh Nga Dang, born 1986, daughter of Vietnamese dancers Hung Dang and Linh Vuong.


Ngay ban mai album with (5 lines) band in 1999


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