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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Dicroglossinae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
Family  Dicroglossidae
Scientific name  Limnonectes
Higher classification  True frog
Order  Frog
Limnonectes Limnonectes larvaepartus Scientists Discover TadpoleBearing
Lower classifications  Kuhl's creek frog, Luzon fanged frog, Blyth's river frog, Limnonectes fujianensis, Malesian frog

Limnonectes is a genus of fork-tongued frogs of about 64 known species, but new ones are still being described occasionally. They are collectively known as fanged frogs because they tend to have unusually large teeth, which are small or absent in other frogs.


Limnonectes Limnonectes photo Limnonectes dabanus G144689 ARKive


Limnonectes CalPhotos Limnonectes gyldenstolpei

These frogs are found throughout East and Southeast Asia, most commonly near forest streams. Multiple species of Limnonectes may occupy the same area in harmony. Large-bodied species cluster around fast rivers, while smaller ones live among leaf-litter or on stream banks. The Indonesian island of Sulawesi is home to at least 15 species of this frog, only four of which have been formally described.


Limnonectes httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

Tadpoles of this genus have adapted to a variety of conditions. Most species (e.g. Blyth's river frog L. blythii or the fanged river frog L. macrodon) develop normally, with free-swimming tadpoles that eat food. The tadpoles of the corrugated frog (L. laticeps) are free-swimming but endotrophic, meaning they do not eat but live on stored yolk until metamorphosis into frogs. Before, L. limborgi was assumed to have direct development (eggs hatching as tiny, full-formed frogs), but more careful observations have showed it has free-swimming but endotrophic larvae; this probably applies to the closely related L. hascheanus, too. L. larvaepartus is the only known species of frog that gives live birth to tadpoles. Parental care is performed by males.

Pyron & Wiens (2011)

Limnonectes Kuhl39s Creek Frog Limnonectes kuhlii

The following phylogeny of Limnonectes is from Pyron & Wiens (2011). 35 species are included. Limnonectes is a sister group of Nanorana.

Aowphol, et al. (2015)

The following Limnonectes phylogeny is from Aowphol, et al. (2015). 20 species are included.

McLeod, et al. (2015)

Limnonectes Limnonectes larvaepartus Wikipedia

Below is a phylogeny of species within the L. kuhlii species complex (McLeod, et al. 2015). Limnonectes longchuanensis, Limnonectes hikidai, and Limnonectes cintalubang are also part of the L. kuhlii species complex.


Limnonectes Wikipedia

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