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Liberator shapes

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Liberator Shapes are adult pillows used for sexual positioning. Founded in 2001, Liberator Inc., also known as OneUp Innovations, operates out of their 135,000-square-foot (12,500 m2) factory in Atlanta, GA. Patented as "creating a wide variety of body support configurations" and when the cushions are stacked, "adapted to provide frictional contact" to help eliminate movement, Liberator Shapes were the first sex pillows on the market and are known for their Valkyrie logo.



Liberator Shapes are made out of polyurethane furniture grade foam with a polyester inside liner, a nylon microfiber main cover, and a polyester carry-bag.


Liberator Shapes were invented by Louis Friedman, and Don Cohen and were patented on 8 September 2005. The idea reportedly was inspired by an article that they read about how pillows can improve sex.

Appearance in popular culture

The Liberator Wedge and Ramp appeared in the 2004 movie "Meet the Fockers," sequel to "Meet the Parents," in which Barbra Streisand, (Rozalin Focker), teaches a sexuality class for senior citizens.

The Liberator Ramp was also featured in the 2008 Coen brothers movie "Burn After Reading." George Clooney's character carries the Ramp up to his bed, and later on, Brad Pitt, hiding in the closet, stares at the pillow for a few seconds with a puzzled look on his face.


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