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Liberal Party (Rwanda)

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Prosper Higiro


Chamber of Deputies
5 / 80


Political position

The Liberal Party (French: Parti Libéral, PL) is a liberal political party in Rwanda led by Protais Mitali.


The party was established in 1991. Although it refused to join the government formed by Sylvestre Nsanzimana later in the year, it joined Dismas Nsengiyaremye's government in April 1992. As a result of its involvement with government, and efforts by associates of President Juvénal Habyarimana, the party split into pro- and anti-government factions.

It joined the Rwandan Patriotic Front-led government in 1994 after the end of the genocide. Prosper Higiro became leader of the party in 2001. In the 2003 parliamentary elections the party received 11% of the vote and won six of the 53 elected seats.

In 2007 Protais Mitali was elected leader of the party. A dispute over the conduct of the elections led to two MPs and five officials being expelled from the party. The 2008 parliamentary elections saw the party's vote share fall to 7.5% as it was reduced to four seats.

Higiro was nominated as the party's candidate for the 2010 presidential elections, receiving 1.4% of the vote. In the 2013 parliamentary elections the party received 9% of the vote, winning five seats.


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