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Area  2,663.33 km2
Lianzhou in the past, History of Lianzhou

Lianzhou (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: ), formerly Lian County or Lianxian (Chinese Postal Map Romanisation: Linhsien), is a county-level city of northern Guangdong province, Peoples Republic of China. Lianzhou is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Qingyuan. Lianzhou has become famous as the host city of Lianzhou International Photography Festival (LIPF) and as a historic and cultural city of Guangdong province.


Map of Lianzhou


During the Qin dynasty, Lianzhou became part of Changsha Commandery. In the Western Han Dynasty (206 A.D.), Yangxian prefecture consists of Lianzhou, Liannan and Lianshan three cities. In Sui Dynasty (581-618), the Emperor Kaihuang set Lianzhou on the Ben prefecture.

On 8 December 1949, the Communist Peoples Liberation Army took over Lianxian from the Kuomintang. On 20 December in the same year, the People’s Government of Lianxian was set up. On 22 April 1994, approved by the State Council, Lianxian became Lianzhou City. In 1996, the government of Guangdong province authorized Lianzhou as a Historic and Cultural City.

There were four sayings why the name of Lianzhou was from.

  • Lianzhou was rich in coptis because of Coptis Mountain (now belongs to Lianshan Mountain).
  • There were many mountains surrounding Lianzhou. So there was an old saying that "thousands of mountains were roll into one and so did the rivers".
  • Lianzhou was rich in tin ore. As an old saying says that "the plumbum before refined was called Lian" .
  • Because of the many mountains and rivers, the region was semi-isolated. Travelling by road was historically difficult.

  • Lian contained the meaning of vehicle and boat, expressing it was argued the desire of people to improve the transportation network.


    Located in the northwestward portion of Guangdong, Lianzhou spans from 112° 47 to 112° 7 E longitude and 24° 37N to 25° 12 N latitude. The city is located on the Lian River, up the Little Bei River, adjacent to the southeast of Yangshan prefecture, southwest of Liannan prefecture, and borders north of Linwu prefecture of Hunan province. The total area under the citys administration is 2663.33 square kilometres (1028.32 square miles).


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