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Lewin is a Germanic name stemming from Leofwine. People with the name include:

  • Albert Lewin (1894–1968), an American film director, producer, and screenwriter
  • André Lewin, a French Ambassador
  • Benjamin Lewin, the founder of the Cell journal.
  • Bernard Lewin, a German-born American collector of Mexican art
  • Blanca Lewin, a Chilean television and film actress
  • Daniel M. Lewin, a co-founder of Akamai Technologies, and victim of the September 11 attacks.
  • David Lewin (1933–2003), an American music theorist and composer
  • Francisca Lewin, a Chilean actress
  • Frank Lewin (1925–2008), an American composer and teacher
  • Gary Lewin (born 1964), a British football physiotherapist
  • Herbert Lewin (physician) (1899-1982), German physician, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany (1963–1969)
  • Herbert G. Lewin (1914-2010), an American politician
  • John Lewin (1770–1819), an English-born artist, first professional artist of the colony of New South Wales
  • Josh Lewin, an American sports commentator
  • Kurt Lewin (1890–1947), a German psychologist
  • Leif Lewin, Swedish historian
  • Louis Lewin, a German pharmacologist
  • Mark Lewin, a professional wrestler
  • Michelle Lewin, a Venezuelan model
  • Moshe Lewin, a historian of Russia
  • Nat Lewin, an American attorney
  • Nora Lewin, a fictional District Attorney appearing in the Law & Order franchise
  • Ralph A. Lewin (1921–2008), an American biologist known as "the father of green algae genetics"
  • Robert Lewin (screenwriter) (1920–2004), a motion picture-TV writer-producer-director
  • Robert Lewin (1918–2004), a Polish born British art dealer and Philanthropist
  • Roger A. Lewin, a psychiatrist and writer
  • Roger Lewin, an anthropologist and science writer
  • Ruthe Lewin Winegarten (1930–2004), an American author, activist, and historian
  • Stephen Lewin (19th century), an English builder of steamboats and steam locomotives
  • Terence Lewin, Baron Lewin, an Admiral of the Fleet in the Royal Navy
  • Walter Lewin, a nuclear physicist
  • William Lewin (1747–1795), an English naturalist and illustrator
  • Lewin Nyatanga, a Welsh footballer
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