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Leskov Island

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Population  Uninhabited
Max length  2.4 km
Area  30 ha
Island group  South Sandwich Islands
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Similar  Bellingshausen Island, Visokoi Island, Vindication Island, Candlemas Island, Cook Island - South Sa

Leskov Island is a small uninhabited island in the Traversay Islands group of the South Sandwich Islands. It is less than 1 nautical mile (2 km) long, and lies 30 nautical miles (56 km) west of Visokoi Island. It was discovered in 1819 by a Russian expedition under Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, who named it for the third lieutenant on the expedition ship Vostok.

Map of Leskov Island, SIQQ 1ZZ

Leskov is located to the west of the main island arc of the South Sandwich Islands, and is composed of andesitic rather than basaltic lava with its highest peak reaching 190 metres (620 ft). The subduction zone forming the South Sandwich Trench lies to the east of the island arc.


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