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Kingdom  Fungi
Subdivision  Pezizomycotina
Higher classification  Pezizomycotina
Division  Ascomycota
Scientific name  Leotiomycetes
Rank  Class
Leotiomycetes tolweborgtreeToLimagesleotialubrica1200ajpg

Lower classifications  Helotiales, Erysiphaceae, Rhytismatales, Phacidiaceae, Cudoniaceae

Leotiomycetes fungi kingdom

The Leotiomycetes are a class of ascomycete fungi. Many of them cause serious plant diseases.


11 peter johnston et al the leotiomycetes inconvenient truths


The class Leotiomycetes contains numerous species with an anamorph placed within the fungi imperfecti (deuteromycota), that have only recently found their place in the phylogenetic system. The older classifications placed Leotiomycetes into the Discomycetes clade (inoperculate Discomycetes). Molecular studies have recently shed some new light to the still obscure systematics. Most scholars consider Leotiomycetes a sister taxon to Sordariomycetes in the phylogenetic tree of Pezizomycotina. Its division into subclasses have received strong support by the molecular data, but the overall monophyly of Leotiomycetes is dubious.


  • Most Leotiomycetes grow their asci in apothecia (seldom cleistothecia). The asci are cylindrical, without operculum.
  • The spores are hyaline, of various shapes, and are released through a circular apical pore.
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