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Leopoldo Laborde

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Name  Leopoldo Laborde
Role  Film director
Music director  Juego de Ninos

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Movies  Sin Destino, Un secreto de Esperanza, Juego de Ninos, Perseguido
Similar People  Roberto Cobo, Mariana Gaja, Katy Jurado, Imanol Landeta, Ana de la Reguera

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Leopoldo Laborde (born November 6, 1970) is a Mexican film director, screenwriter, photographer, editor and self-made producer.


He entered the movie business in 1984 as a production assistant in Mexico City. In the years throughout 1988 to 1995, starting with El gato, he shot four feature films on home-video and developed his skills as a storyteller as well as his cinematic visual aesthetics, namely with Utopía 7. In 1997, he began his professional career in 35-millimeter film format with Angeluz, a horror film, released at the 1998 Guadalajara International Film Festival. Despite the criticisms, upon return to Mexico City, he wrote and shot Sin destino and Un secreto de Esperanza, throughout 1999 to 2002. The starring actors are, respectively, Roberto Cobo and Katy Jurado, these two films being the last acting performances they gave. Sin destino is known as “a key piece in raw realism”, and Un secreto de Esperanza won twelve awards in film festivals around the world. Laborde also alternated among other works in digital video format, such as Cuerpo prestado, La repetición and Los tréboles no pueden soñar, throughout 2000 to 2004. During 2005, he wrote, edited and directed Enemigo, this time with debutant performers, and in 2007, Un hombre y su morada interior.

Laborde is known for his particular vision and great versatility in movie styles.

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  • Cuatro paredes (2010)
  • Recuerdos olvidados (in post-production since 2009)
  • La puerta (in post-production since 2008)
  • Enemigo (in post-production since 2007), started in 2005
  • Un secreto de Esperanza (2002), also known as A Beautiful Secret (International: English title)
  • Sin destino (2002), also known as Without Destiny
  • Cuerpo prestado (2001)
  • Recompensa (2000), or 72 horas, aired in 1999
  • Inesperado amor (1999), aired in 1999
  • Angeluz (1998), also known as Angel of Light
  • La extraña presencia (1995)
  • El libro de la selva... de asfalto (1995)
  • Utopía 7 (1995)
  • Juego de niños (1995), also known as A Child's Play, aired in 1994
  • Perseguido (1993) (V), also known as Chased, aired in 1993
  • Nathael (1993)
  • El gato (1992), started in 1988
  • Connections

    In addition to starring in Sin destino, as Sebastian; Roberto Cobo had a minor part in Un secreto de Esperanza, as Melquíades, the groundskeeper for Esperanza's home. And one Mariana Gajá, a character actress but star of Sin ton ni Sonia, played the blonde object of sexual or romantic fixation of the protagonist, both in Sin destino and Un secreto de Esperanza, respectively as Angelica and Madonnita. She and Sheilla Lissette bear some resemblance.

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