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Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle

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Director  Toshiyuki Hiruma
Music director  Andrew Dimitroff
Language  English
5/10 IMDb

Genre  Animation, Adventure, Family
Screenplay  George Arthur Bloom
Writer  George Arthur Bloom
Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle movie poster
Release date  July 20, 1994 (VHS) December 3, 2002 (DVD)
Cast  Tony Ail ((voice)), Nathan Aswell ((voice)), Chera Bailey ((voice) (as Cheralynn Bailey)), Kathleen Barr ((voice)), Garry Chalk (Leo the Lion (voice) (as Gary Chalk)), Lillian Carlson ((voice) (as Lilliam Carlson))
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Tagline  A heartwarming musical adventure for the whole family.

Jetlag productions leo the lion king of the jungle king of the jungle

Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle is a 46-minute direct-to-video animated film, originally released in 1994.


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Jetlag productions leo the lion king of the jungle out on my own


Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle Amazoncom Jungle Book Pinocchio Leo the Lion King of the

Leo (voiced by Garry Chalk) is the lion king of the jungle, but unfortunately he doesn't know well what a king's job is. He believes it is his right to do as he pleases, even if it means disrupting the peace of others or being plain rude to them, as a king, Leo thinks everyone should look out for his well-being and comfort. One day, Leo meets a lion cub named Tooey (voiced by Andrea Libman) whose mother has been recently taken away and who comes to Leo for help, being as selfish as he is, Leo turns the young lion away. However, after several different adventures, Leo learns what his place as a king is and how he must behave and treat the creatures who have almost lost all faith in him. Leo rallies the jungle animals to the rescue, and in the epilogue, the narrator Michael Donovan says that Leo asked Tooey's mother to be his queen, and the cub himself grew into a strong young lion, now called Leo II and one day he would be the Jungle King.

Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle Leo the Lion King of the Jungle Video 1994 IMDb

Leo the Lion was produced by Jetlag Productions and was distributed to DVD in 2002 by GoodTimes Entertainment.


Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle Leo the Lion King of the Jungle Official Trailer YouTube
  • Garry Chalk as Leo the Lion - The main protagonist of the film.
  • Andrea Libman as Tooey (Leo II) (Speaking) - A lion cub.
  • Kathleen Barr as Tooey (Singing)
  • Tony Ail as the Monkeys - Two monkeys who formerly mistreated Leo when attempting to get help to save the animals from the circus.
  • Chera Bailey as Tooey's Mother - A lioness who got captured by poachers.
  • Michael Donovan as the Narrator.
  • Terry Klassen as Chameleon/Python. Chameleon: The chameleon only had a short speaking role in a scene where Leo is convincing the other animals to save the others from the circus. He was out of his mind when he sees a fly and eats it. Python: The python has fewer speaking lines.
  • Ian James Corlett as Crocodile/Poacher. Crocodile: The crocodile got angry at Leo when he kicked a stone to damage one of his teeth. He only spoke one line in one scene. Poacher #2: This poacher got scared off by the other animals.
  • Phil Hayes as the lead poacher.
  • Roger Kelly as a Hyena - The hyena only spoke once when he is angry with Leo and the other animals.
  • Kent Gallie as a Giraffe - The giraffe only spoke two lines in the film.
  • Kathleen Barr as an Elephant - The elephant only spoke when she was talking angrily at once with the other animals.
  • Nathan Aswell as an Aardvark - The aardvark spoke two lines in the film. He also helped Leo and his friends free Tooey's mother and the captive animals.
  • Blu Mankuma, Jay Brazeau, Scott McNeil, Matt Hill, the Dobson brothers, Lee Tockar, Brian Drummond, Richard Ian Cox, Ty Olsson, Don Brown, Patricia Drake, Louis Chirillo, Danny McKinnon, Ellen Kennedy, Colin Murdock, Samuel Vincent, Pauline Newstone, Venus Terzo, Sarah Strange, Brigitta Dau, Ted Cole and David Kaye as the additional voices
  • Songs

    Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle Leo der Knig der Lwen Titelsong Kurzfassung YouTube
  • "King of the Jungle" (uncredited)
  • "Out on My Own" (uncredited) - performed by Andrea Libman
  • "I'm a Really Nice Guy" (uncredited) - performed by Garry Chalk
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