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Lensman: Secret of The Lens

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Music director  Peter Davison
Language  Japanese
6.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Animation, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Production  Madhouse
Country  Japan
Lensman: Secret of The Lens movie poster

Director  Yoshiaki Kawajiri Kazuyuki Hirokawa
Release date  July 7, 1984 (1984-07-07)
Based on  Lensman by E. E. Smith
Writer  Edward E. Smith (novels), Soji Yoshikawa
Directors  Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Kazuyuki Hirokawa
Cast  Kerrigan Mahan (Kimball Kinnison (voice)), Michael McConnohie (Van Buskirk (voice)), Edie Mirman (Clarissa MacDougall (voice)), Steven Kramer (Worsel (voice)), Gregory Snegoff (DJ Bill (voice)), Tom Wyner (Lord Helmuth (voice))
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Sf shinseiki lensman introduction 1984

Lensman (SF 新世紀 レンズマン, SF Shinseiki Lensman, lit. "Science Fiction New Century Lensman") is a Japanese animated film based on the Lensman novels by E. E. Smith. It was dubbed by Harmony Gold USA as Lensman: Secret of the Lens in 1988. This was re-dubbed by Streamline Pictures in 1990 and some of the voice actors were the same in both versions.


Lensman: Secret of The Lens movie scenes

There are differences however between the two versions in terms of story and the length of the movie where the Harmony Gold version deleted some scenes that were kept in the Streamline version. Harmony Gold also arranged a whole new soundtrack for their version, with some tracks carried over from their previous movies Robotech II: The Sentinels and Robotech: The Movie whereas Streamline used the original Japanese soundtrack.

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Lensman movie 1984 japanese original


Lensman (1984 film) Lensman movie 1984 msubs THE SKARO HUNTING SOCIETY

The story is about a farm boy named Kimball “Kim” Kinnison. From a dying Lensman of the Galactic Patrol, Kinnison receives a particular Lens. It contains information that would enable the Galactic Patrol to face a weapon created by the Boskone Empire. A non-human species, the Arisians, created the Lenses in order to stand up to the evil Eddorians. Through their Lenses, Lensman minds are merged with the cosmic consciousness of Arisia. Opposing the Patrol is Lord Helmuth, a Boskone leader and drug lord, who would stop at nothing to get his hands on the Lens.

Lensman (1984 film) Lensman Power of The Lens 1987 YouTube

The Boskone blow up the agricultural planet Mqueie where Kim lives with his father, Gary (“Ken” in the Harmony Gold dub). Now a humble farmer, Gary is one of the founders of the Galactic Patrol. If he hadn't lost an arm in battle, Gary would have been a Lensman himself. Having always dreamt of becoming a Lensman, Gary sacrifices his own life to secure Kim's escape from the pursuing Boskone fleet.

Lensman (1984 film) Lensman 1984 Streamline Pictures Edition YouTube

Kim escapes the Boskone with his horned and bearded near-human friend Van Buskirk. Through the movie's events, Kim also meets Clarissa MacDougall, a nurse and technician working with the Galactic Patrol. Like Gary, she cannot explain how the Lens could be transferred from the dying man to Kim.

Lensman (1984 film) SF Shinseiki Lensman Introduction 1984 YouTube

Through the tutelage of a flying green alien hero named Worsel, Kim gradually realizes the Lens's power, which provides the key to Helmuth's defeat. He transmits the formula to the Galactic Patrol fleet, knowing that their planned attack against Helmuth would fail without the answer.


The movie received a mixed reception.


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