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Lego City: A Clutch Powers 4 D Adventure

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Lego City: A Clutch Powers 4-D Adventure is a CGI comedy-adventure film that is a followup to the 2010 film Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers. It premiered in Legoland California in January 2011. The film features the cast from the previous film. A bootleg version of the movie was released on December 2010. The film also premiered early in April 2010 in Legoland Windsor making the movie short in the park.



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Artie Fol summons the Lego team who prides themselves in "building on each other". Artie explains that he has a special package at the Lego City Airport which contains new parts for a machine with the expressed notion that it will take the "Lego team to new heights" and "anyone who gets the package gets to use it first". Consequently, it be comes a competition where each of the team members take a different path to the package, with Clutch in his car, Brick Masterson in a firetruck (with Sparky driving), Peg Mooring in the sky in a helicopter, and Bernie Von Beam on a bicycle.

With all of the heroes going in the same direction, Clutch takes a short cut. Clutch arrives first at the airport where he causes Kjeld Playwell (his boss), to fall and drop his brief cases while running through a revolving door. At the airport, he asks for the package where many are enamored with his celebrity status (including the a series of girls who try to chase him).

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While on his return, Clutch inadvertently goes down the wrong way on the highway and attracts the attention of Brick who steals the package from him while on the ladder of the firetruck. Sparky, however, comes to an abrupt stop and causes Brick to lose control of the package which ignites on fire in a hotdog stand. Eventually, Brick puts out the fire with the firehose in the firetruck.

Meanwhile, Peg is watching all of this overhead and dives towards the package using an umbrella as a parachute. She steals the package from the firetruck and lands safely, but then is hit by Bernie on his bicycle.

Bernies time with the package is short lived while he descends quickly down a hill and ending up in a construction area with the package.

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In the construction area, the team awakens a Rock Monster with the box lodged in his shoulder spikes. Eventually the team realizes they need to work together and use each of their skills to turn the Rock Monster into a "Rocksicle". Clutch directs the team by using Pegs knowledge of the Rock Monsters core temperature, Brick gets a fan, and Bertie fetches ice. Meanwhile, Clutch modifies a construction vehicle that crushes the ice and uses the fan to blow the contents onto the Rock Monster. After the team successfully freezes the Rock Monster, Clutch is raised by a forklift and retrieves the package and tosses it to the team.

After they bring the package back, Artie thanks the team for being "so careful with the package" and reveals the parts inside are to be used to make a rocket pack. Artie fits the rocket pack on Clutchs back as a present for his bravery. While admiring Clutch flying, Artie flips a switch and causes the rocket pack to go into "Hyperdrive". This mode appears to be too much for Clutch, so the rest of the team tries to grab onto his legs to help him out. Instead, this causes for them to all be out of control with Brick holding onto Clutchs legs, Peg holding onto Bricks legs, and Bertie holding onto Pegs legs. The final scene is of Clutch and the team being "taken to new heights" flying off.

Additional Observations

  • Brick uses the same rocket pack on the second assault on the Mallocks castle while he battles Bones and Skelly.
  • The same girls that admire Clutch in the beginning of the film are chasing him in the Lego City Airport
  • The same rock monster from the first sequence is used in the construction area
  • Cast

  • Ryan McPartlin as Clutch Powers
  • Yvonne Strahovski as Peg Mooring
  • Jeff Glen Bennett as Bernie Beam/Artie
  • Roger Rose as Brick Masterton
  • Paul Michael Glaser as Kjeld Playwell
  • Frank Welker as Rock Monster/Crystal King
  • Nathan Kress as City Kid
  • Steve Zahn as Policeman
  • References

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