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Kingdom  Plantae
Clade  Eudicots
Scientific name  Lecythidaceae
Rank  Family
Clade  Angiosperms
Clade  Asterids
Higher classification  Ericales
Order  Ericales
Lecythidaceae Lecythidaceae in Madagascar
Lower classifications  Barringtonia, Couroupita guianensis, Barringtonia asiatica, Couroupita, Lecythis

The lecythidaceae brazil nut family of ecuador

The Lecythidaceae comprise a family of about 20 genera and 250-300 species of woody plants native to tropical South America and Madagascar.


Lecythidaceae Angiosperm families Lecythidaceae Poiteau

According to the most recent molecular analysis of Lecythidaceae by Mori et al. (2007), the three subfamilies are:

  • Foetidioideae (Foetidiaceae) from Madagascar include only Foetidia.
  • Planchonioideae (including Barringtoniaceae) are restricted to the Old World tropics.
  • Lecythidoideae (Lecythidaceae) are restricted to the New World tropics.

  • Lecythidaceae Flowering Plant Families UH Botany

    Two other families are sometimes included in Lecythidaceae; the Scytopetalaceae and Napoleonaeaceae are hypothesized as most closely related to Lecythidaceae.

    Lecythidaceae Couroupita guianensis Lecythidaceae image 292 at PlantSystematicsorg

    More detailed information about Lecythidaceae, especially the New World taxa, can be found at the Lecythidaceae Pages.

    The most important member of the family in world trade is the Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa), valued for its edible nuts; the paradise nut (Lecythis species) is also eaten.

    Lecythidaceae wwwbotanyhawaiiedufacultycarrimagescougui

    The APG II system of 2003 includes genera from the family Scytopetalaceae in the Lecythidaceae, including Rhaptopetalum and Brazzeia. Careya is called pezham in Malayalam.

    Lecythidaceae Flowering Plant Families UH Botany

    List of genera

    Lecythidaceae FileLecythidaceae Couroupita guianensis Aubljpg Wikimedia Commons
  • Abdulmajidia Whitmore, also as Barringtoniaceae sensu Takhtajan 1997
  • Allantoma Miers
  • Asteranthos Desf., also as Asteranthaceae
  • Barringtonia J.R.Forst. & G.Forst., also as Barringtoniaceae
  • Bertholletia Bonpl.
  • Careya Roxb., also as Barringtoniaceae
  • Cariniana Casar.
  • Chydenanthus Miers, also as Barringtoniaceae
  • Corythophora R.Knuth
  • Couratari Aubl.
  • Couroupita Aubl.
  • Crateranthus Baker f., incertae sedis according to Takhtajan, perhaps Napoleonaeaceae
  • Eschweilera Mart. ex DC.
  • Foetidia Comm. ex Lam., also as Foetidiaceae
  • Grias L.
  • Gustavia L.
  • Lecythis Loefl.
  • Napoleonaea P.Beauv., also as Napoleonaeaceae
  • Petersianthus Merr., also as Barringtoniaceae
  • Planchonia Blume, also as Barringtoniaceae
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