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Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International

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Pierre El Daher (1992–)

Pierre El Daher

Official website

Launch date
23 August 1985


LBCI LB by Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International

Broadcast and television network

El Dunia Alwan(Arabic: الدنيا ألوان‎‎)

Group of Lebanese businessmen

Key people
Pierre El Daher (chairman & CEO)

El Dunia Alwan; (Arabic: الدنيا ألوان‎‎)

Lebanon, Middle East, Europe, Americas, Australia, Africa

TV shows
Ahmar Bel Khat El Arid, Star Academy Arab World, Studio El Fan, Deal or No Deal, The Voice Ahla Sawt


The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (Arabic: المؤسسة اللبنانية للإرسال انترناسيونال‎‎), widely known as LBCI, is a private television station in Lebanon. LBCI was founded in 1992 by acquiring the assets, liabilities and logo of LBC, an entity founded in 1985 during the Lebanese Civil War by the Lebanese Forces. LBCI went global in 1996 when it launched its satellite channel LBC Al-Fadha'iya Al-Lubnaniya (Arabic: الفضائية اللبنانية‎‎) covering Lebanon, the Arab world, Europe, America, Australia and Africa. LBCI is 100% owned by prominent Lebanese businessmen.


Post-war era

The Lebanese Forces a militia that had founded LBC in 1985, was militarily and financially weakened by Lebanese civil war which ended in 1990 and its leader Samir Geagea was imprisoned in 1994. In 1992 Pierre El Daher had founded LBCI along with other shareholders and registered it at the Commercial Register of Baabda . El Daher was the driving force for the purchase by LBCI of LBC's assets.

In April 1996, El Daher and other shareholders launched LBCsat a free satellite channel . The new channel was a success, especially to the Lebanese diaspora, disseminated throughout the world.

In 2003, as a result of an agreement between Saleh Kamel, founder of LMH company (Lebanese Media Holding, owner of 49% of LBC SAT and Pac 's shares ) and Al Waleed bin Talal, the latter, through Kingdom, replaced Kamel in LMH.

By the end of 2008, it was decided to increase the capital of LMH considerably. Accordingly, HRH Al-Waleed Bin Talal became the largest shareholder after acquiring the absolute majority in PAC (a content provider for both LBCI and LBC SAT) and LBC SAT, based on an understanding that the capital increase would be invested to improve the programs’ network and upgrade productivity under the supervision of Sheikh Pierre Daher.

In 2010, Rupert Murdoch joined the group and PAC and LBC SAT were merged with Rotana. Rumor was that this merger would improve and develop the group, which seemed an obvious result of the cooperation between the Saudi prince and the owner of the biggest media empire in the world, Rupert Murdoch. These expectations did not materialize.

Al Hayat and LBC SAT merger

At the end of the year 2002, LBC SAT and the London-based Al Hayat newspaper owned by Saudis, merged their news programs. LBC SAT daily news bulletin was called the "Al Hayat-LBC SAT news bulletin". The cooperation ended in 2010.

LBCI ownership battle

The Lebanese Forces, initiated proceedings in Lebanon claiming ownership of LBCI and alleging criminal violations by Mr. El Daher. The Court of Appeal rejected these claims but the Court of Cassation - Criminal Chamber decided to refer the case to the Sole Criminal Judge in Beirut.

The Sole Criminal Judge in Beirut will in due course examine the case as a trial judge and will decide on the substance. His decisions are subject to appeal before the Beirut Court and cassation before the competent court.

LBCI brands

  • LBCI
  • • LBCI is a local channel for Lebanese viewers broadcasting a variety of programs of different genres.

  • LDC
  • • Lebanese Diaspora Channel is an international version of LBCI targeted to Lebanese in diaspora countries who watches TV with satellite.

  • LB2 (previously known as LBCI Drama)
  • • LB2 is a local channel dedicated to the best entertainment shows and Arabic and dubbed series around the clock.

  • • LBCI News is a local channel that broadcasts breaking news live as it happens.

  • • LBCI HD is the first Lebanese HD channel, broadcasting LBCI programs in high-definition. It broadcast the 10th season of Star Academy Arabia 24/24.

  • • LBC Europe is an international version of LBCI targeted to Lebanese citizens in Europe.

  • • LBC America is an international version of LBCI targeted to Lebanese citizens in America.

  • • LBC Australia is an international version of LBCI targeted to Lebanese citizens in Australia.

  • • LBC Africa is an international version of LBCI targeted to Lebanese citizens in Africa.

  • • LBC Maghreb is an international version of LBCI targeted to Lebanese citizens in Maghreb countries.

    LBCI has produced many popular shows including Star Academy Arab World, Ya Katel Ya Maktoul (Arabic version of Greed), Miss Lebanon, Hellha wo Ehtalha (Arabic version of French TV Show Fort Boyard), Survivor Middle East, El Wadi (Arabic version of The Farm), The Perfect Bride and Mission Fashion.

    Its most famous talk show is Kalam Ennas (Arabic: كلام الناس‎‎) hosted by Marcel Ghanem. The show, which originally aired on C33, moved to LBC after C33 was shut down in the mid-1990s. Another famous show is BassMat Watan (Arabic: بس مات وطن‎‎); a pun in Lebanese for either "The smiles of the homeland" or "When the nation died", depending on how people see the joke of this title), a sketch-comedy show that deals with politics and current events.

  • lip sync battle ولعانة
  • take me out
  • Star Academy
  • The Voice
  • Helha wo Ehtalha
  • lahon w bass
  • حسابك معنا
  • لهون وبس
  • Ahmar Bel Khat El Arid
  • The Winner Is
  • Comicaze
  • Altareekh Yashhad
  • Kalam Ennas
  • Hki Jales
  • Almoutaham
  • Horoub W Iman
  • Asmaa min al tareeekh
  • Ahla Jalse
  • Nharkom Said
  • Celebrity Duets ديو المشاهير
  • Top Chef Middle East
  • Beirut I Love You
  • Arqam Btehki
  • In Touch
  • Basmat Watan
  • Douma Kratiya
  • Kteer Salbe Show
  • A stand up comedy revolution
  • Helwi w Murra
  • Zefou El Arous
  • Lezim Taaref
  • Kids Power
  • Nehna Labaad
  • Bala Mazeh
  • The Brothers Grunt on MTV
  • Tele Auto
  • Inside Game
  • Star Academy Arab World
  • Yalla NY
  • Istiqsaa
  • Safha Jdeede
  • Sunday Mass
  • Splash
  • Chou el ossa
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Lebanon
  • Zeffo El Aroos
  • Aayle A Fared Mayle
  • Mission Fashion
  • Survivor
  • Alwady
  • La boutique
  • Min el alb
  • The hangers
  • Chakhseye aw ghaneye
  • Mesh Ana
  • Chawareh Al Zill
  • Al Haram
  • Al Armala W Al Shaytan
  • Jamil and Jamileh
  • Talamith Akher Zaman
  • Maitre Nada
  • Ghanoujet Baya
  • Noktit Hob
  • Gladiators
  • teleauto
  • Motorsports
  • Kids power
  • Kif w lech
  • perfect bride
  • Present

  • Bassam Abou Zaid
  • Dalal Abou Haydar
  • Charbel Paul Khoury
  • Dima Sadek
  • Elize Farah
  • Fadia Dokmak
  • Francois Habchi
  • Ghayath Dibra
  • Malek Maktabi
  • Marcel Ghanem
  • Nicole Hajal
  • Tony Baroud
  • Rima Assaf
  • Sana Nasr
  • Yazbek Wehbe
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