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Leanor Ortega

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Name  Leanor Ortega
Music group  Five Iron Frenzy
Role  Musical Artist
Leanor Ortega Leanor Ortega Till Jeffthegurl Twitter
Albums  Cheeses, Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric B, Proof That the Youth Are Revol, Engine of a Million Plots, All the Hype That Money C
Similar People  Reese Roper, Dennis Culp, Andrew Verdecchio

No Dumb Questions 020 - Sax, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll (With Leanor Ortega Till)

Leanor Ortega Till (b. October 4, 1976) is best known as the saxophonist for Five Iron Frenzy. Once more commonly known as Jeff the Girl, she was, and is currently the sole female member of the band. She joined the band with help from her cousin and band mate Micah Ortega.


Leanor Ortega Talking with Five Iron Frenzy39s Leanor Ortega Till Jeff

She currently resides with her husband Stephen - who, for a brief period, was involved with FIF frontman Reese Roper's band Roper - in Denver, Colorado. Together they have done a few musical projects and played in the band Hearts of Palm. Currently Leanor plays tenor saxophone for the Denver-based marching band Boba Fett and the Americans. Leanor is also the director of women's ministry with Scum of the Earth Church. Leanor is also involved in producing a punk band out of Denver called Jump Ship Quick

Leanor Ortega The Horn section of Five Iron Frenzy Leanor Ortega Till
Leanor Ortega httpspbstwimgcomprofileimages1746039710le


Wizard Needs Food - Badly
These Are Not My Pants
Most Likely to Succeed
Every New Day
Oh - Canada
Blizzards and Bygones
My Evil Plan to Save the World
Battle Dancing Unicorns
You Can't Handle This
Zen and the Art of Xenophobia
One Girl Army
Ugly Day
Blue Mix
On Distant Shores
Handbook for the Sellout
Combat Chuck
We Own the Skies
Banner Year
I've Seen the Sun
The Untimely Death of Brad
Faking Life
Get Your Riot Gear
All That Is Good
Something Like Laughter
Sweet Talkin' Woman
Into Your Veins
A Flowery Song
Far Far Away


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