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Leaf nosed bat

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Scientific name

Higher classification

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Lower classifications
Artibeus, Vampire bat, Carollia, Seba's short‑tailed bat, Sturnira

Hipposideridae, Artibeus, Artibeus

California leaf nosed bat monitoring

The New World leaf-nosed bats (Phyllostomidae) are found throughout Central and South America, from Mexico to northern Argentina. They are ecologically the most varied and diverse family within the order Chiroptera. Most species are insectivorous, but the phyllostomid bats include within their number true predatory species as well as frugivores (subfamily Stenodermatinae and Carolliinae). For example, the false vampire (Vampyrum spectrum), the largest bat in the Americas, eats vertebrate prey including small dove-sized birds. Members of this family have evolved to use food groups such as fruit, nectar, pollen, insects, frogs, other bats, and small vertebrates, and, in the case of the vampire bats, even blood.


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Both the scientific and common names derive from their often large, lance-shaped noses, greatly reduced in some of the nectar- and pollen-feeders. Because these bats echolocate nasally, this "nose-leaf" is thought to serve some role in modifying and directing the echolocation call. Similar nose-leaves are found in some other groups of bats, most notably the Old World leaf-nosed bats.

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New World leaf-nosed bats are usually brown, grey, or black, although one species is white. They range in size from 4 to 13.5 cm (1.6 to 5.3 in) in head-body length, and can weigh from 7 to 200 g (0.25 to 7.05 oz). Most roost in fairly small groups within caves, animal burrows, or hollow trees, although some species aggregate in colonies of several hundred individuals. They do not hibernate, although some species have been reported to aestivate.

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The 192 described species within 56 genera are:


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  • Subfamily: Brachyphyllinae
  • Genus: Brachyphylla
  • Cuban fruit-eating bat, B. nana
  • Antillean fruit-eating bat, B. cavernarum
  • Subfamily: Carolliinae
  • Genus: Carollia - short-tailed leaf-nosed bats
  • Benkeith's short-tailed bat, C. benkeithi
  • Silky short-tailed bat, 'C. brevicauda
  • Chestnut short-tailed bat, C. castanea
  • Colombian short-tailed bat, C. colombiana
  • Manu short-tailed bat, C. manu
  • Mono's short-tailed bat, C. monohernandezi
  • Seba's short-tailed bat, C. perspicillata
  • Sowell's short-tailed bat, C. sowelli
  • Gray short-tailed bat, C. subrufa
  • Genus: Rhinophylla
  • Hairy little fruit bat, R. alethina
  • Fischer's little fruit bat, R. fischerae
  • Dwarf little fruit bat, R. pumilio
  • Subfamily: Desmodontinae - vampire bats
  • Genus: Desmodus
  • Giant vampire bat - D. draculae†,
  • Cuban vampire bat - D. puntajudensis
  • Common vampire bat - D. rotundus
  • Stock's vampire bat - D. stocki†,
  • Genus: Diaemus
  • White-winged vampire bat, D. youngi
  • Genus: Diphylla
  • Hairy-legged vampire bat, D. ecaudata
  • Subfamily: Glossophaginae
  • Tribe Glossophagini
  • Genus: Anoura - Geoffroy's long-nosed bats
  • Anoura aequatoris
  • Cadena's tailless bat, A. cadenai
  • Tailed tailless bat, A. caudifera
  • Handley's tailless bat, A. cultrata
  • Tube-lipped nectar bat, A. fistulata
  • Geoffroy's tailless bat, A. geoffroyi
  • Broad-toothed tailless bat, A. latidens
  • Luis Manuel's tailless bat, A. luismanueli
  • Genus: Choeroniscus
  • Godman's long-tailed bat, C. godmani
  • Greater long-tailed bat, C. periosus
  • Minor long-nosed long-tongued bat, C. minor
  • Genus: Choeronycteris
  • Mexican long-tongued bat (hog-nosed bat), C. mexicana
  • Genus: Glossophaga
  • Commissaris's long-tongued bat, G. commissarisi
  • Gray long-tongued bat, G. leachii
  • Miller's long-tongued bat, G. longirostris
  • Western long-tongued bat, G. morenoi
  • Pallas's long-tongued bat, G. soricina
  • Genus: Hylonycteris
  • Underwood's long-tongued bat, H. underwoodi
  • Genus: Leptonycteris - Saussure's long-nosed bats
  • Southern long-nosed bat, L. curasoae
  • Big long-nosed bat or Mexican long-nosed bat, L. nivalis
  • Lesser long-nosed bat or Mexican long-nosed bat, L. yerbabuenae
  • Genus: Lichonycteris
  • Dark long-tongued bat, L. obscura
  • Genus: Monophyllus
  • Insular single leaf bat, M. plethodon
  • Leach's single leaf bat, M. redmani
  • Genus: Musonycteris
  • Banana bat (Colima long-nosed bat), M. harrisoni
  • Genus: Scleronycteris
  • Ega long-tongued bat, S. ega
  • Tribe Lonchophyllini
  • Genus: Lionycteris
  • Chestnut long-tongued bat, L. spurrelli
  • Genus: Lonchophylla
  • Bokermann's nectar bat, L. bokermanni
  • Cadena's long-tongued bat, L. cadenai
  • Chocoan long-tongued bat, L. chocoana
  • Lonchophylla concava
  • Dekeyser's nectar bat, L. dekeyseri
  • Arched nectar bat, L. fornicata
  • Handley's nectar bat, L. handleyi
  • Western nectar bat, L. hesperia
  • Godman's nectar bat, L. mordax
  • Orcés’s long-tongued bat, L. orcesi
  • Lonchophylla orienticollina
  • Patton's long-tongued bat, L. pattoni
  • Orange nectar bat, L. robusta
  • Thomas's nectar bat, L. thomasi
  • Genus: Platalina
  • Long-snouted bat, P. genovensium
  • Genus: Xeronycteris
  • Vieira's long-tongued bat, X. vieirai
  • Subfamily: Phyllonycterinae
  • Genus: Erophylla - brown flower bats
  • Brown flower bat, E. bombifrons
  • Buffy flower bat, E. sezekorni
  • Genus: Phyllonycteris - Jamaican flower bats
  • Jamaican flower bat, P. aphylla
  • Puerto Rican flower bat, P. major
  • Cuban flower bat, P. poeyi
  • Subfamily: Phyllostominae
  • Tribe Micronycterini
  • Genus: Glyphonycteris
  • Behn's bat, G. behnii
  • Davies's big-eared bat, G. daviesi
  • Tricolored big-eared bat, G. sylvestris
  • Genus: Lampronycteris
  • Yellow-throated big-eared bat, L. brachyotis
  • Genus: Macrotus - big-eared bats
  • California leaf-nosed bat, M. californicus
  • Waterhouse's leaf-nosed bat, M. waterhousii
  • Genus: Micronycteris - little big-eared bats
  • Brosset's big-eared bat, 'M. brosseti
  • Giovanni's big-eared bat, M. giovanniae
  • Hairy big-eared bat, M. hirsuta
  • Pirlot's big-eared bat, M. homezi
  • Matses' big-eared bat, M. matses
  • Little big-eared bat, M. megalotis
  • Common big-eared bat, M. microtis
  • White-bellied big-eared bat, M. minuta
  • Sanborn's big-eared bat, M. sanborni
  • Schmidts's big-eared bat, M. schmidtorum
  • Genus: Neonycteris
  • Least big-eared bat, N. pusilla
  • Genus: Trinycteris
  • Niceforo's big-eared bat, T. nicefori
  • Tribe Vampyrini
  • Genus: Chrotopterus
  • Big-eared woolly bat, C. auritus
  • Genus: Lophostoma
  • Equatorial round-eared bat, L. aequatorialis
  • Pygmy round-eared bat, L. brasiliense
  • Carriker's round-eared bat, L. carrikeri
  • Davis's round-eared bat, L. evotis
  • Schultz's round-eared bat, L. schulzi
  • White-throated round-eared bat, L. silvicolum
  • Yasuni round-eared bat, L. yasuni
  • Genus: Tonatia - round-eared bats
  • Greater round-eared bat, T. bidens
  • Stripe-headed round-eared bat, T. saurophila
  • Genus: Trachops
  • Fringe-lipped bat, T. cirrhosus
  • Genus: Vampyrum
  • spectral bat, V. spectrum
  • Tribe Lonchorhinini
  • Genus: Lonchorhina - sword-nosed bats
  • Tomes's sword-nosed bat, L. aurita
  • Fernandez's sword-nosed bat, L. fernandezi
  • Northern sword-nosed bat, L. inusitata
  • Marinkelle's sword-nosed bat, L. marinkellei
  • Orinoco sword-nosed bat, L. orinocensis
  • Genus: Macrophyllum
  • Long-legged bat, M. macrophyllum
  • Genus: Mimon - Gray's spear-nosed bats
  • Golden bat, M. bennettii
  • Cozumelan golden bat, M. cozumelae
  • Striped hairy-nosed bat, M. crenulatum
  • Koepcke's spear-nosed bat, M. koepckeae
  • Tribe Phyllostomatini
  • Genus: Phylloderma - Peters's spear-nosed bat
  • Pale-faced bat, P. stenops
  • Genus: Phyllostomus - spear-nosed bats
  • Pale spear-nosed bat, P. discolor
  • Lesser spear-nosed bat, P. elongatus
  • Greater spear-nosed bat, P. hastatus
  • Guianan spear-nosed bat, P. latifolius
  • Subfamily: Stenodermatinae
  • Genus: Ametrida
  • Little white-shouldered bat, A. centurio
  • Genus: Ardops
  • Tree bat, A. nichollsi
  • Genus: Ariteus
  • Jamaican fig-eating bat, A. flavescens
  • Genus: Artibeus - Neotropical fruit bats
  • Subgenus: Artibeus
  • Large fruit-eating bat, A. amplus
  • Fringed fruit-eating bat, A. fimbriatus
  • Fraternal fruit-eating bat, A. fraterculus
  • Hairy fruit-eating bat, A. hirsutus
  • Honduran fruit-eating bat, A. inopinatus
  • Jamaican fruit bat, A. jamaicensis
  • Great fruit-eating bat, A. lituratus
  • Dark fruit-eating bat, A. obscurus
  • Flat-faced fruit-eating bat, A. planirostris
  • Subgenus: Dermanura
  • Andersen's fruit-eating bat, A. anderseni
  • Aztec fruit-eating bat, A. aztecus
  • Bogota fruit-eating bat, A. bogotensis
  • Gervais's fruit-eating bat, A. cinereus
  • Silver fruit-eating bat, A. glaucus
  • Gnome fruit-eating bat, A. gnomus
  • Solitary fruit-eating bat, A. incomitatus
  • Pygmy fruit-eating bat, A. phaeotis
  • Rosenberg's fruit-eating bat, A. rosenbergi
  • Toltec fruit-eating bat, A. toltecus
  • Thomas's fruit-eating bat, A. watsoni
  • Subgenus: Koopmania
  • Brown fruit-eating bat, K. concolor
  • Genus: Centurio
  • Wrinkle-faced bat, C. senex
  • Genus: Chiroderma - big-eyed bats or white-lined bats
  • Brazilian big-eyed bat, C. doriae
  • Guadeloupe big-eyed bat, C. improvisum
  • Salvin's big-eyed bat, C. salvini
  • Little big-eyed bat, C. trinitatum
  • Hairy big-eyed bat, C. villosum
  • Genus: Ectophylla
  • Honduran white bat, E. alba
  • Genus: Enchisthenes
  • Velvety fruit-eating bat, E. hartii
  • Genus: Mesophylla
  • MacConnell's bat, M. macconnelli
  • Genus: Phyllops - falcate-winged bats
  • Cuban fig-eating bat, P. falcatus
  • Genus: Platyrrhinus
  • Alberico's broad-nosed bat, P. albericoi
  • Platyrrhinus aquilus
  • Platyrrhinus angustirostris
  • Eldorado broad-nosed bat, P. (Vampyrops) aurarius
  • Short-headed broad-nosed bat, 'P. (Vampyrops) brachycephalus
  • Choco broad-nosed bat, P. chocoensis
  • Thomas's broad-nosed bat, P. (Vampyrops) dorsalis
  • Platyrrhinus fusciventris
  • Heller's broad-nosed bat, P. (Vampyrops) helleri
  • Platyrrhinus incarum
  • Buffy broad-nosed bat, P. (Vampyrops) infuscus
  • Ismael's broad-nosed bat, P. ismaeli
  • White-lined broad-nosed bat, P. (Vampyrops) lineatus
  • Quechua broad-nosed bat, P. masu
  • Matapalo broad-nosed bat, P. matapalensis
  • Geoffroy's rayed bat, P. nigellus
  • Platyrrhinus nitelinea
  • Recife broad-nosed bat, P. (Vampyrops) recifinus
  • Shadowy broad-nosed bat, P. umbratus
  • Greater broad-nosed bat, P. (Vampyrops) vittatus
  • Genus: Pygoderma
  • Ipanema bat, P. bilabiatum
  • Genus: Sphaeronycteris
  • Visored bat, S. toxophyllum
  • Genus: Stenoderma
  • Red fruit bat, S. rufum
  • Genus: Sturnira - yellow-shouldered bats or American epauleted bats
  • Aratathomas's yellow-shouldered bat, 'S. aratathomasi
  • Bidentate yellow-shouldered bat, S. bidens
  • Bogota yellow-shouldered bat, S. bogotensis
  • Hairy yellow-shouldered bat, S. erythromos
  • Chocó yellow-shouldered bat, S. koopmanhilli
  • little yellow-shouldered bat, S. lilium
  • Highland yellow-shouldered bat, S. ludovici
  • Louis's yellow-shouldered bat, S. luisi
  • Greater yellow-shouldered bat, S. magna
  • Mistratoan yellow-shouldered bat, S. mistratensis
  • Talamancan yellow-shouldered bat, S. mordax
  • Lesser yellow-shouldered bat, S. nana
  • Tschudi's yellow-shouldered bat, S. oporaphilum
  • Sturnira perla Jarrin-V & Kunz, 2011
  • Soriano's yellow-shouldered bat, S. sorianoi
  • Thomas's yellow-shouldered bat, S. thomasi
  • Tilda's yellow-shouldered bat, S. tildae
  • Genus: Uroderma - tent-building bats
  • Tent-making bat, U. bilobatum
  • Brown tent-making bat, U. magnirostrum
  • Genus: Vampyressa - yellow-eared bats
  • Vampyressa elisabethae
  • Melissa's yellow-eared bat, V. melissa
  • Southern little yellow-eared bat, V. pusilla
  • Vampyressa sinchi
  • Northern little yellow-eared bat, V. thyone
  • Genus: Vampyriscus
  • Bidentate yellow-eared bat, V. bidens
  • Brock's yellow-eared bat, V. brocki
  • Striped yellow-eared bat, V. nymphaea
  • Genus: Vampyrodes
  • Great stripe-faced bat, V. caraccioli
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