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Leadbelly (film)

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Director  Gordon Parks
Music director  Fred Karlin
Country  United States
7.1/10 IMDb

Genre  Biography, Drama, Music
Producer  David Frost
Writer  Ernest Kinoy
Language  English
Leadbelly (film) movie poster
Release date  May 28, 1976
Cast  Roger E. Mosley (Huddie Ledbetter), Paul Benjamin (Wes Ledbetter), Madge Sinclair (Miss Eula), Alan Manson (Prison Chief Guard), Albert Hall (Dicklicker), Art Evans (Blind Lemon Jefferson)
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Tagline  You can't bury a black legend like Leadbelly!

Leadbelly 1976 pardon song for governor neff

Leadbelly is a 1976 film chronicling the life of folk singer Huddie William Ledbetter (better known as "Lead Belly"). The film was directed by Gordon Parks, and starred Roger E. Mosley in the title role. The film focuses on the troubles of Lead Belly's youth in the segregated South including his time in prison, and his efforts to use his music to gain release.


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Leadbelly and blind lemon driving


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Huddie Ledbetter leaves his father's house just barely into his twenties and arrives at a brothel on Fannin' Street ran by Miss Eula, who nicknames him Leadbelly and has him play at the bar. For a while, she takes care of him until the police arrive, breaking up a party. Leadbelly and an old man escape via a train and Leadbelly buys a twelve-string acoustic guitar from the old man. Seeking work, he takes a job picking cotton. He soon leaves on a train to Silver City where he meets Blind Lemon and they start playing shows together.

At one show, a drunken man tells Leadbelly to keep playing, and threatens him. Leadbelly responds by smashing his guitar onto him and is arrested. He escapes from jail and leads a normal life until he and a drunken friend are playing around with a gun, and Leadbelly accidentally shoots him. He is thrown in prison where he is forced to work in a chain gang. When he tries to escape, he is caught and put in a box. His father arrives and tries to bail Leadbelly out, but fails. Before leaving, he manages to convince the warden to get Leadbelly a twelve-string acoustic guitar.

After getting the new guitar, he plays a song for Governor Pat Neff who reassures Leadbelly he will be set free. After he leaves prison, he returns to Fannin Street, sees it has lost its former glory, and he is reunited with Miss Eula. He returns to his father's home only to find that a new family lives there. A group of men attack Leadbelly and slash his throat. Leadbelly happens to stab and kill a man in self defense but is thrown back in prison. John and Alan Lomax visit the prison and interview Leadbelly, having him play all his songs for them. After he finishes telling his life story, they tell him they will see what they can do about getting him out of prison. The film ends with a title card stating that Leadbelly was released from prison and pursued his music career.


  • Roger E. Mosley as Huddie Ledbetter
  • Paul Benjamin as Wes Ledbetter
  • Madge Sinclair as Miss Eula
  • Alan Manson as Prison Chief Guard
  • Albert Hall as Dicklicker
  • Art Evans as Blind Lemon Jefferson
  • James Brodhead as John Lomax
  • John Henry Faulk as Gov. Neff
  • Vivian Bonnell as Old Lady
  • Dana Manno as Margaret Judd
  • Lynn Hamilton as Sally Ledbetter
  • William Wintersole as Sheriff
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