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Lead into Gold

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Lead into Gold wwwdsocouklead1jpg

Paul Barker, Al Jourgensen

Age of Reason, Chicks and Speed: Futurism, Low and Slow

Record labels
Wax Trax! Records, Wax Trax! Europe

Associated acts
Paul Barker, Al Jourgensen

Acid Horse, 1000 Homo DJs, Pailhead, Chris Connelly, Revolting Cocks

Lead into gold faster than light

Lead into Gold was a side project of American industrial musician Paul Barker, best known as the bassist for Ministry and the Hermes Pan half of the Luxa/Pan production team. Primarily a solo project by Barker, Lead into Gold featured occasional guest performances by his Ministry bandmates Al Jourgensen and Bill Rieflin.


Lead into Gold only released two 12 inch singles and one full-length studio LP. Idiot was the first release in 1988, followed by the Chicks & Speed: Futurism single and Age of Reason album, both released in 1990. The CD release of Chicks & Speed included the Idiot single in its entirety. Additionally, a limited edition 12” EP titled “Low and Slow” was released in 2015, roughly 25 years after it's recording, on Wax Trax! Records. The tracks are "The Sweetest Kiss", "Cry Baby", "Low & Slow", and a remix of the track "Lunatic/Genius" with additional percussion by Bill Rieflin..

In the video for "Faster Than Light", Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) can be seen playing the guitar. He was rumored to have been in the area for the "Head Like a Hole" video shoot when he made his cameo.

Studio Album

  • Age Of Reason (1990)
  • Singles & EPs

  • Idiot (1988)
  • Chick & Speed: Futurism (1990)
  • Faster Than Light (12" promo) (1990)
  • Low & Slow (2015)
  • Songs

    Faster Than LightAge of Reason · 1990
    Age of ReasonAge of Reason · 1990
    A Giant on EarthAge of Reason · 1990


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