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Lava (Ramayana)

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Lava (Ramayana)

Lava or Luv(Sanskrit: लव meaning particle, Kannada: ಲವ, Telugu: లవుడు, Tamil: இலவன், Malay: Tilawi, Indonesian: Lawa, Khmer: Jupalaks, Lao: Phra Lao, Assamese: Laba, Thai: Phra Lop/พระลพ) and his twin brother Kusha, were the children of Lord Rama and his wife Sita, whose story is recounted in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Lava was elder of the two and is said to have wheatish golden complexion like their mother, while Kusha had blueish complexion like their father. Lava is purported to have founded Lavapuri, that is, the modern day city of Lahore, which is named after him. The Southeast Asian country Laos and the Thai city Lopburi were both named after him. The Sikarwar Rajputs, Awadhiya (caste) and Leva Patidar are present-day Indo-Aryan ethnic groups who claim to be descendants of Lava. Lava belongs to the Ikshvaku clan or Suryavansh Dynasty of Kshatriyas in ancient India.


Birth & Childhood

Lavan was born Normally with the assistance of the women of the forest Sita was forced to live in during the excile period. The story of Kushan is magical. One day Sita went out to get water, so she asked sage Valmiki to watch her son, Lavan. While getting the water Sita realized that the sage wouldn't properly watch her son, Lavan because he would always be busy reciting chants with his eyes closed. Sita knew the forest was a dangerous place and that lions and tigers could take her child while she was away. Sita then ran to the sage, relieved that her son, Lavan was fine. The sage was reciting poems, as she thought. She didn't want to interrupt the chant the sage was doing so she took Lavan without waking the sage. When the sage awoke he was completely unaware Sita had taken Lavan. The sage panicked and knew that Sita would be extremely depressed if her son was missing or eating by a beast. Knowing that she would panick the sage sung another chant to create another child to take place of Lavan. Valmki then put a special needle used to write and put it in the crib Lavan was in, the needle magically transformed into another baby. He hoped Sita wouldn't tell the difference. Later on, Sita found the sage at the same spot and was confused to see another child in the crib. So she woke the sage and asked him what happened. The sage Valmki then told Sita the truth. Sita did not want to abandon the child so she named him Kushan and raised him as her own son, along with Lavan. Then Lavan and Kushan were known as twins.

According to Ramayana, Sita was banished from the kingdom of Ayodhya by Rama due to the gossip of kingdom folk. She took refuge in the ashram of Sage Valmiki located on the banks of the Tamsa river. Lava and Kusha were born at the ashram and were educated and trained in military skills under the tutelage of Valmiki. They also learned the story of Rama.

Later History

Lava and Kusha became rulers after their father Rama and founded the cities of Lahore (called Lavapuri in ancient times) and Kasur respectively. The king of Kosala Raghava Rama installed his son Lava at Sravasti and Kusha at Kushavati.

There is a temple associated with Lava (or Loh) inside Shahi Qila, Lahore.


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