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Latin American cities by murder rate

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Violence and murder rates vary greatly among Latin American cities from place to place within countries and year to year. Some cities or regions in Latin America have very low murder rates, such as Yucatán, Mexico, while others have the highest on earth, e.g. San Pedro Sula.

Note that statistics have certain limitations; what is considered murder may also vary, murder may be miscategorized as suicides or natural death, statistics may be suppressed for political reasons, some cities may ignore or miss cases, and mass killings may be discovered many years after the event. Therefore, there are limitations when interpreting statistics. Generally speaking, murder is more likely to be reported than theft, and Latin America has some of the highest murder rates worldwide, but also has some cities with murder rates lower than major US cities which ranged from 1.5 to 57 in 2011. Medellin as an example, saw a sharp drop in homicide rate to a seemingly normal figure of 28.5 (2013), yet with a sharp increase in street robbery and kidnapping, indicating changing tactics.

City data

The following is a list of murder rates by city, nation, rate.


Latin American cities by murder rate Wikipedia

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