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Las Guanábanas

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Genres  Reggaeton
Genre  Reggaeton
Record label  Flow Music
Origin  Puerto Rico (1992)
Las Guanábanas Las Guanabanas on Apple Music
Also known as  Los Reyes De La Pichaera
Years active  1992-2005 (as duo) 2006-present (Georgie solo)
Labels  Flow Music, Banaguana Records
Associated acts  Héctor & Tito, Baby Rasta & Gringo, Luny Tunes, Noriega, Arcangel, J Alvarez, Daddy Yankee...
Albums  Guillaera, Collection Two, Back to Reality 2
Members  Joelito Guanabana, Georgie Guanabana
Similar  Daddy Yankee, Don Chezina, Hector & Tito, Noriega, Rafy Mercenario

Las Guanábanas Podrías a.k.a. "Los Reyes De La Pichaera", a.k.a. "Las Guanabanas") are Puerto Rican Reggaeton Duo from Villas de Loíza located in the Northeast of the island of Puerto Rico. Their names are Georgie and Joelito.


Las Guanábanas Las Guanabanas La Antesala Hosted by DJ Nelson Mixtape Stream


Las Guanábanas Guanabanas ex las guanabanas podrias rapyreggaeton Fotolog

Starting in the world of hip-hop in the late 80's when they were only engaged into brake dance ; In the early 90's (1992) they have the opportunity to record what was the sequel to the explosion of Puerto Rican hip-hop, as it was the second production of "the Noise." On this tape, they had the opportunity to record about ten minutes, a song that the audience welcomed well by the strong content that was talking about blunts, whores, a ton of bad words (that at that time no one heard of), about "Guillaera", "Bellakeo" , "Perreo" , things that were not common at that time was very extroverted and full of controversy . For the next years a tragedy, the murder of a close friend called Misael, is what motivates them to write a very deep song and had the opportunity to record it in "The Noise 3" and is nothing more than the song "Amigo" that was a hit and gave an incredible fame to "Las Guanabanas" , because their lyrics were very mature for that time and for them that they were Teenagers. People who have follow them through their entire careers have truly seen what this singers have gone through and have seen their evolution in the world of Caribbean Hip-Hop, Rap and Reggaeton. In 1998 they released their first production "Back To Reality" in the hands of Dj Nelson and Flow Music. Then in 2000 they threw the sequel "Back to Reality 2"

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In 2002 they launched what it was their third production "G-3: Guillaera" although it did not have the same impact as their previous productions for their explicit dirty content, this production was of greater international projection that together with previous songs of the Duo to this date are still played on the radio and are considered classic hits of Reggaeton. They are one of the pioneers in the genre of Reggaeton, They have hits with the most brutal DJs of this genre and to this date, they have worked with many Djs Artists and Producers in the Puerto Rican Hip-Hop & Reggaeton Scene, like Dj Playero , Luny Tunes , Noriega , Baby Rasta & Gringo , Tempo , Daddy Yankee , Arcangel , J Alvarez , Ñego & Dalmata , Lui-G 21 Plus, Héctor & Tito , Don Chezina , Don Omar (Dominican), Master Joe & O.G. Black , Benyo, Cheka , Zion & Lennox , Yaga & Mackie , Notty Play, Jutha &Small (Colombians), and many more.

Las Guanábanas Las Guanabanas Amigo YouTube

Las Guanábanas were the first to bring reggaeton to London and to have fans not only in the Americas and the Caribbean, but also in Germany Italy and Russia. "Pa'lante pa'siempre" "going forward for ever" - Las Guanabanas are not only the pioneers of reggaeton, but also leaders in this genre.Their hits include "Maldita P**a" , "Pa' Mis Mujeres Del Mundo" , "Busco Una Mujer" , "Mi Gatita & Yo" , "Vamos Pa La Disco" , "Vente Vamos A Bellakear" , "Guayandote" , "Me Matas" , "Ponte Al Dia" , "Este Pasto" , "UnderGround" , "Llama A los Bomberos" , "Sexo Na' Mas" , "Soltera" , "Como Se Lo Ago Yo" , "Seductora" , "Date Guille" , "Ando Ratata"

Personal lives


In the very early stages in an interview with Georgie an Joelito ; They were asked about the name of the Duo, joking around Georgie said Guanabanas Podridas "Rotten Guanabanas" Because of the content of their lyrics and ever since, it got stuck with them, they were now locally known as Las Guanabanas Podridas.

Las Guanábanas Las Guanbanas Busco Una Mujer YouTube

Growing up together in Villas De Loiza, Canovanas, P.R. and inseparable in the early trajectory of Las Guanabanas for unknown reasons in 2005 Joelito decides to spend time with his family and get away from the stage, cameras and social media, although there's a lot of rumors about the Duo's relationship they are still good friends and participated together in April 2, 2016 at a show in Puerto Rico what it was the reengagement of all the artist that participated in the albums of "The Noise" , in where the videos online are titled "The Noise El Reencuentro" and where it also was the regroup of Georgie y Joelito, Joelito went on stage after more than 10 years absent, they still have the chesmistry and are planning on making a new album for 2016


  • 1998: Back to Reality
  • 1999: Back to Reality 2
  • 2001: Guanábanas Collection
  • 2002: Guillaera
  • 2004: Collection Two
  • 2008: Before & After
  • 2009: Los Reyes de la Pichaera
  • 2009. Banaguanas The Mixtape
  • 2009: Guillaera Musical 2 (De Regreso Al Underground)
  • 2010: Geo Guanábanas: La Antesala
  • 2015: Guanábanas Updated
  • Songs

    Mi Gatita Y YoGuillaera · 2002
    Vamos Pa' La DiscoGuillaera · 2002
    Gatita Y Yo2016


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