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Lars Eric Mattsson

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Name  Lars Mattsson
Role  Guitarist
Organizations founded  Lion Music

Lars Eric Mattsson Lars Eric Mattsson Mattsson Vision Astral Groove
Albums  Hot and Able 1983-85, Electric Voodoo
Similar  Hubi Meisel, Alex Masi, Joe Stump, Lance King, Jennifer Batten

Lars eric mattsson lay it on the line taken from the album obsession released in 1998

Lars Eric Mattsson is a guitarist, songwriter and producer living on the Åland Islands, Finland.


Lars Eric Mattsson New Music Review Lars Eric Mattsson Epicentre CD

Lars Eric Mattsson - Live in Côte d'Azur 2002

General information

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Although first starting out as a bass player but later switching to guitar, performing with various cover bands before concentrating on this own music, Mattsson was first discovered by Mike Varney (Guitar Player Magazine and Shrapnel Records) in 1985. After playing and touring with various local hard rock bands, Mattsson recorded and released the 4-track vinyl EP Can’t Go On Without Your Love in 1987. Soon after this Mattsson signed to Black Dragon Records, a French indie label for which he recorded 3 albums: Eternity (1988), No Surrender (1989) and the all-instrumental Electric Voodoo (1991). Eternity and No Surrender were released in Japan by FEMS, while the instrumental Electric Voodoo was picked up by Leviathan Records in the US and released under the Title The Exciter in 1992, and then in 1995 it was released in Asia by SKC.

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In 1992 Mattsson teamed up with Swedish singer Conny Lind, who had been in Los Angeles working with Alex Masi, and, together with drummer Tony Mattsson and bass player Michael Ahlskog, they formed the band 'Vision' and recorded 1992's album Lars Eric Mattsson's Vision, which went down very well, especially in Japan, where it was once again released by FEMS, and in Europe by Roadrunner. The year after Vision recorded a follow-up album, which was never released due to contractual problems, and the band eventually split up. Around 1994, when Mattsson was found playing in cover bands doing blues classics and Hendrix covers, Mattsson got in contact with another Swedish singer Björn Lodin, who had made 4 albums with his own band Baltimoore. As guitarist Nikolo Kotzev left Baltimore, Björn joined forces with Mattsson and recorded 1995’s album Astral Groove, which was blues-based and quite different from Mattsson' previous releases. More or less Astral Groove came out of jamming ideas, but the band split up very soon.

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In 1996 Mattsson wanted to give 'Vision' a second chance and recorded the album Till the End of Time which was his most laid back melodic – almost AOR – release ever. The album got very good reactions and was a living proof that melodic hard rock still had an audience. Singer Randolph Reymers made his debut as lead singer after having sung backing vocals on several albums before Vision.

As VISION was taking a break from recording, Mattsson went into the studio at the end of August 1997 with a bunch of new songs which definitely showed that hard work pays off. This new album was Mattsson' finest hour thus far in Obsession, with his best guitar playing ever as well as some of his better compositions. Add to that singer Björn Lodin, who never sounded this good before! The reviews of Obsession were excellent; Progression magazine of the US called the album 1998's best guitar album, and it was clear to everyone that Mattsson had taken a major step forward, but Mattsson felt it was just the beginning of a new era.

In the autumn of 1999 Mattsson begun writing for another album, and, just to make things more interesting, Mattsson invited some friends and well-known musicians to guest on the project. These included Patrick Rondat (Jean Michel Jarre) Rob Johnson (Magnitude 9), Erik Norlander (Lana Lane, Rocket Scientists) Pär Lindh (Pär Lindh Project) Esa Pietilä and more… The new 70-plus-minute-long opus consists of 14 new compositions jam-packed with intense musical ideas influenced by classical music, classic hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock/metal with lots of virtuoso performances from Mattsson and his guests. Soft melodic ballads and super tight odd meter riffing – it’s all here.

In 2000 Mattsson put together a progressive band called 'Condition Red', the debut album features keyboard maestro Derek Sherinian (ex- Alice Cooper/Dream Theater) and Mattsson’ friend Alex Masi (on additional guitars). Mattsson next project was to record a new Mattsson album, this time with ex-Balance of Power singer Lance King, and the result, 'Power Games' was released in 2003 and received fantastic reviews all over the world.

In 2003 Condition Red reformed to record and release their second album of progressive rock titled “II”, not too long after this Mattsson band from the 90s made a short comeback in 2004 with a new album “On the Edge”, however Mattsson major work in 2004 was the new super group 'Book Of Reflections' which include singer Andy Engberg (ex-Lion’s Share/Section A etc.…), Vitalij Kuprij etc.…but Mattsson biggest challenge this far was the progressive metal concept album/metal opera 'War' which was released in 2005 and which features: Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen), Vitalij Kuprij, Lance King, Rene Janssen(Ayreon), Benny Jansson (Tears of Anger/Beyond Twilight) etc...

The same year also saw the first instrumental release in 10 years in the guise of the eclectic "Earthbound". Mattsson found a new vein of creativity and by 2006 had completed "Book Of Reflections II : Unfold The Future" with vocals by Martin LeMar (Tomorrow's Eve) and Björn Jansson (Ride The Sky / Tears Of Anger), with additional guitar from Anand Mahangoe (Sphere Of Souls) and keyboards from Mistheria (solo, Bruce Dickinson, Angel Of Eden).

2008 saw Mattsson gearing up for the accessible symphonic and prog metal of 'Dream Child'. Joining Mattsson was new vocalist, the female powerhouse Adrienn Antal whose soaring voice saw Mattsson step out on a new path with its potent new sound for 2008.

2009 saw the re-release of a newly recorded and remastered version of 'No Surrender + Live' which came with 5 bonus live tracks from the Mattsson archives. The album was warmly greeted by press worldwide. The rest of the year saw Mattsson write the follow up to 'Dream Child'.

March 19, 2010 sees the release of 'Tango', the new album released under the Mattsson banner which again sees Adrienn Antal on vocals along with new addition of Status Minor vocalist Markku Kuikka. Mattsson spent countless hours putting together the intelligent and highly accomplished music which looks set to take the Mattsson name to a new fan base worldwide.

Never one to sit still Mattsson then set about composing the music for his next album, the all instrumental 'Aurura Borealis' was released on April 18, 2011. This new album pushes the boundaries of a guitar with an orchestra context by delivering a very original take on the more traditional format used by the likes of Uli Jon Roth etc.

After having recorded and produced the third release for Book of Reflections, Relentless Fighter in 2012 Mattsson returned as solo artist in September 2013 with his most personal release to date "Epicentre" (Lion Music) which saw Mattsson also handing all the vocal duties.

During 2013 Mattsson remixed both albums with his band "Condition Red" which were released early 2014 in digital formats only.

During 2014 Mattsson released several reworked reissues including new recordings of his oldest material such as "Hot and Able 1983-85", "Let Me Rock You 1984-87", "Eternity - 25th Anniversary", "No Surrender 25th Anniversary", "Earthbound - Remastered", "Book of Reflections - Chapter II - Unfold the Future". Mattsson also recorded "Adagio" (Johann Sebastian Bach) for the album "Lion Music Presents: Johann Sebastian Bach - Interpretations" as well as an all-acoustic album which has not yet been released.

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Lars Eric Mattsson

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