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Lambert, Count of Hesbaye

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Died  781 AD
Children  Robert I, Count of Hesbaye, Landrade de Hesbaye
Grandchildren  Chrodegang, Cancor, Count of Hesbaye, Thuringbert, Count of Hesbaye
People also search for  Robert I, Count of Hesbaye, Thuringbert, Count of Hesbaye, Cancor, Count of Hesbaye, Chrodegang
Great grandchildren  Robert II, Count of Hesbaye, Heimrich, Count in the Upper Rheingau

Lambert (669–742), Count of Haspengau (Hesbaye). The identity of Lambert's father remains uncertain, but the prevailing theories identify him as either Robert II (Chrodobert II), Lord Chancellor of France, or a son of Robert's. Some histories identify Lambert as the son of Warnius and Gunza (see, for example, Lambert de Hesbaye), although this is not likely. Lambert would be nevertheless a direct descendant of Clovis I, King of the Franks.

Lambert was possibly married to Chrotlind, daughter of Theodoric III, King of Neustria and Austrasia. Lambert (and Chrotlind?) had three children:

  • Landrada, married Sigramnus, Count of Hesbaye
  • Robert I, Duke of Neustria and Count of Hesbaye
  • Rotrude, married Charles Martel. Grandmother of Charlemagne.
  • Upon his death, Lambert was succeeded as Count of Hesbaye by his son Robert.


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